Thursday, March 4, 2021

Day 26

2:05 A.M.

I think subscribing to Wendover Productions was a mistake.  It's just too random of a channel.  The latest video was about how to start an airline.  I'm not interested in starting an airline right now.  Maybe later, but not now.  I watched a two-part video on all the countries of the world.  If I want a refresher on all the countries of the world, I'll open an almanac.  There was another video about news you missed from every country in 2020.  I'm trying to consume less news, not more news.

4:35 A.M.

Crosswords are a bad idea, too.  Those disrupt my brain as well.  It's 4:35 A.M. and I'm still awake but I'm not tired right now.  I've checked Wreddit and Twitter and the F4W Board a few times, but nothing else on the internet.  Is it possible to only check those three sites?  I'm following the progress of a stan war.  And it's hard to know there's a stan war going on and not check the progress.  You can go four hours without checking, or eight hours, but after a certain time you just want to check.  The thing I want to check is whether there's a troll brigade.  I can disrupt (or I like to think I can disrupt) a troll brigade, or at least identify its source, and see what it's doing.  

12:25 P.M.

What's more important?  Losing one pound, or getting a good night's sleep?  I'm thinking sleep is more important, but what if you can have both--drink a Bang energy drink, take a shit, lose some weight, and then still fall asleep at night?  I've done that before, but other times it just keeps me up all night.  So it's like a risk.  'Hey, maybe this time it'll work!'  I haven't eaten today, and I'm under 210.0 pounds, so the desperation isn't there.  Although I don't think I took a shit yesterday, which means I could potentially get even more below 210.0 pounds than I am now.

1:05 P.M.

I spent hours yesterday just refreshing Wreddit, Twitter, and some threads on the F4W board.  Hours.  It's amazing how you can pass the time just refreshing a handful of pages.  It doesn't really make sense how refreshing pages can consume lots of time, but it does.  The way my brain works, if I see one thread and it grabs my attention, I'll just be focused on it for hours.  Literally hours.  Maybe I'll look away here and there, but I'll go back to it.  And let's say a thread gets 120 comments in the span of two hours.  Well, that's one comment per minute, so 120 refreshes.  There was a Wreddit thread created by what seems to have been a throwaway account.  It was a screencap of a Bryan Alvarez post on The F4W Board from 2007 in which he called someone a homo.  It was titled:

WOR's Bryan Alvarez being homophobic in 2007

The thread was downvoted (25% upvoted) and received 56 comments.  The top comment said, "If you want to cancel everyone that called anyone a 'homo' in 2007 you're gonna be here a while."  The next top comment said, "this is what you decided your first post should be?"  Sometimes you can go into SquaredCircle and rile people up against Bryan Alvarez, but this wasn't working.  The OP soon deleted the post and/or deleted their account, and I'm pretty sure the moderators also removed the thread.  (I think the OP might have actually deleted their account, meaning the post was still visible for a while and there was just an indicators saying the post was submitted "by [deleted].")  

The same screencap had been posted in SCJerk much earlier in the morning.  The thread was titled:
"Bryan Alvarez calling someone a “homo” in 2007 is a direct shot at him wanting WWE to fire Lars Sullivan for making fun of gay people"

That thread got 188 upvotes (97%) upvoted, so there's a clear difference between how the two different subreddits react to the same screencap.

Someone also made a thread on the F4W Board complaining about how Wredditors were trying to dig up Bryan's old posts for dirt.  That struck me as an overreaction, because the Wreddit thread was being downvoted (and it got removed by the mods within about an hour).  The SCJerk thread was better received, but the person on the F4W Board wasn't calling out SCJerk.  So I just wind up following the progress of these threads, because there's such an obvious war between WWE and AEW and it gets fought indirectly in these forums where people complain that a podcast host made a homophobic remark 14 years ago.

4:40 P.M.

I still haven't eaten today, but I'll probably get dinner soon.  I'll probably get chicken and rice from the Halal cart.  I did take a nap just now.  It wasn't a long nap.  It was one of those naps where you're listening to music and you drift in and out.  I was listening to Carmina Burana (is that the official title?).  I've listened to it a few times, and it's only 64 minutes long, but I keep drifting off in the middle of it.

4:55 P.M.

It's been 15 minutes and I still haven't gotten dinner.  Every 15-minute delay helps, I suppose.

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