Friday, March 5, 2021

Day 27

1:50 A.M.

I'm going to post my weight once per day.  Any more than that and it gets cluttered.  Right now I weigh 211.4 pounds.  I haven't taken a shit in a couple of days.  I've drank a Bang energy drink each of the last two days, but those haven't caused me to take a shit, even though they've been pretty reliable before.  So maybe I need to wait a day, and then drink one.  Don't drink one per day for multiple days in a row.  Or I have Dulcolax if need be.  That really does the trick.  Things get too cluttered if I'm making updates every 5 minutes.  There are only so many times you can complain about the WiFi being slow.  It's still slow, by the way.  Having slow WiFi is like having your brain slowed down.  You go to open a web page, and you just sit there staring at a blank screen for 20 seconds.  I tried watching a movie on Amazon Prime, but the WiFi was too slow.  The movie wouldn't even load.  So I tried watching a chiropractic video on YouTube, but the WiFi was too slow.  The YouTube video kept pausing.  So then I just went on my laptop and looked at Wreddit.  Fast WiFi is imperative if you want to lose weight in today's modern world.  Without good WiFi, you're doomed to be overweight.  It's just a fact.  Most people won't agree with that fact, but it's true.  211.4 pounds.  I had some newspapers piled up in my room--the New York Post and a copy of China Daily, and I wanted to read them before I threw them out.  But eventually you reach a point where the newspapers become a burden.  You're not reading them, and they're piling up, and they're adding weight and adding clutter.  I also got a copy of AM Metro New York.  I checked the red newsstand near the subway stop, and for the first time in a while there wasn't a big pile of black trash bags in front of the newsstand, so I was able to open it up and get a copy.  The copy of an issue of the New York Post I have has Tom Brady on the cover.  It's from the day after the Super Bowl.  The headline says:  Sorry, NY fans, Brady Super again, and then "OLD MAN WINNER" in all caps.  The the box says:  "New team, same old Brady -- and we do mean old.  After 20 years of tormenting New York fans as the ball-deflating cheater leader of the New England Patriots, Tom Brady took his show to Tampa -- where, at 43, he led the Bucs to an improbable 31-9 romp over the KC Chiefs in the Super Bowl last night.  The MVP tossed three touchdown passes en route to his seventh championship."  I found the text in the box interesting because hey felt the need to mention Tom Brady is a cheater.  It's a stan thing.  You have to take down the competition.  It's also a societal thing.  I was watching this YouTube video of Tom Brady's cameo in Living With Yourself, and after the video ended the next suggestion was a Good Morning America video with a title like, 'Backlash to Tom Brady's Netflix cameo.'  And it seemed weird how you would watch a video and immediately get a video recommendation describing the backlash to the first video.  I don't even get how there would've been backlash to that cameo.  In regards to stans, I remember seeing a tweet about the Super Bowl which went something like, 'Tom Brady, you just won the Super Bowl!  What are you going to do?' followed by: 'I'm going to storm the capital!'  That's a stan reaction, too.  Tom Brady just won the Super Bowl, and he's (likely) a Trump supporter, so you rag on him for his politics.  It's a perfectly common thing to do.

2:35 A.M.

There's a Zero Fucks Friday thread on Wreddit now, but the top comments (at the moment) aren't really stan comments.  I mean, they're all pro-WWE, but they're not just shitting on AEW or Dave Meltzer.  They're more like defending against criticisms of WWE.  
There are a handful of posters on Wreddit whom I pay attention to, and if you remove those people from the mix, the submissions become much more steady.  
There's Ainosuke, who posts a link to WOL each day, and people always come into the comments to shit on the video.
There's JakeJeremy, who's always spamming  And if you remove, you cut down on the amount of interview threads--threads which are just recaps on interviews.  Those threads basically exploit a glitch in the minds of people who browse Wreddit.  They always get highly upvoted, and they all have the same format, so you're just exploiting this glitch to change how Wreddit looks.  And the interviews aren't interesting, either.  They're always boring AF.  But people upvote them.  You're not getting submissions from people who are genuinely interested in sharing content.  You're getting a synthetic version of a submission queue.  Strike_Gently sort of falls into that category because he never posts anything personal, but at least with him he's not promoting his own site.  
There's tamakingdo.  He posts links a lot, and I get the feeling he's an editor for the site
There's another account, Infinite_Outside_102.  The account was created 10 days ago, and the person has been posting links to and, and another Redditor, trnzone, accused them of being an alt for JakeJeremy.  Infinite_Outside_102 denied this, but they haven't posted anything in the last two days,.  The interesting thing about JakeJeremy is that he occasionally makes these random text posts.  He made a text post the other day titled "I told a lot of people on here that Shaq will headline tonight's Dynamite and people were being ridiculous in disagreeing," and it got downvoted and then he deleted it, and he hasn't posted anything since Wednesday.  
My theory now is that if you eliminate the interview posts, you'll be left with nothing but genuine posts  Well, no, you'll get an overflow of Twitter threads.  But you'll go a way towards having a higher percentage of posts be genuine posts.  The interview posts exploit a glitch, and people just upvote them even though they're not interesting.
There's also a user named TheGodofWrestling who comes across as a WWE stan and people are starting to get sick of his posts.  He would posts the threads about how ESPN talked to the Miz and how they aired a clip of Bad Bunny, and he would post these in order to shit on Dave Meltzer.  He posted a thread about 20 minutes ago titled "The Rock: “Oh boy true story (I was actually suspended twice for swinging on kids). Not good but I had some issues I needed to work out. Don’t use the F word. #YoungRock Tuesday’s @8pm @NBC" and then he quickly deleted it.

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