Sunday, March 7, 2021

Day 29

3:40 A.M.

On Wreddit, the people who post interview excerpts have a lot of influence, because those posts tend to do well.  The people who post clips from matches probably have the most influence, because those clips get a lot of visibility.  A guy like FuzzyWuzzyMooMoo (sp?) is probably the most visible person on Wreddit, and I like his clips.  In theory, you could really help promote any federation by just posting clips of matches from that promotion.  You could post Stardom clips or NJPW clips and give them a lot of visibility.  However, I don't actually know how to do that.  I don't know how you would go about taking an NJPW clip and put it on Wreddit.  For that matter, I don't know how you would take a clip from Raw or SmackDown or NXT and put that on Wreddit.  Seriously, how do you take a clip from a live show on your television set and put it onto Wreddit?  Do these people watch it on their computers somehow?  

I could exert influence by posting links from news sites, but then I'd have to be browsing news sites throughout the day, and that's just lame.  I have posted news articles here and there when I've stumbled on them and noticed they weren't posted on Wreddit yet.  But it's never been a deliberate thing.  I'm talking about a deliberate way to influence Wreddit.  My thinking is that the best way I could do that (and this applies only to me) would be to post wrestlers' tweets.  There are, like, 50 to 200 wrestlers with each promotion.  They're on Twitter a lot.  And if I had a feed with 1,000 wrestling personalities in it, I could pick 5 tweets per day to put on Wreddit, and I would be able to pick 5 tweets per day from a list of, like, 5,000 tweets.  

That's how I would do it.  Just pick 5 tweets per day.  Because if you have 5,000 tweets per day, you'll be able to pick out 5 that'll shape the narrative.  Maybe shape isn't the right word.  There isn't a specific narrative you're pushing.  You're just pushing a mood.  

Strike_Gently is one of those guys who posts a lot on Wreddit, and he helps shape the mood, and he also posts tweets that push a political mood.  Last night he posted a tweet from TJP, and the thread was titled "TJ Perkins tweets “Good Parents” to a video of children burning their masks in Idaho."  The thread didn't get a lot of upvotes, and Strike_Gently deleted  it.  The post got 38 comments, mostly from people ragging on TJ Perkins and Republicans.  The thread itself had negative upvotes, and Strike_Gently deleted it.  There was another thread linking to a tweet by Kane, where Kane was talking about a negative yard sign.  I think that thread was also created by Strike_Gently, and it was another case where the thread didn't get any upvotes and he deleted it, but it's hard to double-check this stuff after the OP has already removed their own thread.  I'm 100% sure the TJ Perkins thread was Strike_Gently.  

He's trying to do what I would try to do, except his agenda is different from mine.  He's just clearly anti-Republican dude.  So he has a political motive when making his posts.  Most of his posts are politically neutral, but then you get these occasional political posts which he deletes if they don't perform well.  There was another post 17 days ago titled "Road Dogg opens up about politics on Facebook."  It was just a screenshot from Road Dogg's Facebook page where he was talking about politics, and Road Dogg is conservative, so the goal was to get people to rag on Road Dogg.  That post actually got 32 upvotes, but Strike_Gently deleted it anyway.  

Maybe I'll just make a Twitter list of 500 wrestlers and scroll through it occasionally and post a tweet if I think it fits a certain mood.  It wouldn't be any deliberate process.  Just something I do if I get an itch.

Okay, I took about 10 minutes to add around 150 WWE wrestlers to a Twitter list.  I've never done this before so it's weird to see the tone of all the tweets compared to the selection you get on Wreddit.  Most of the wresters aren't talking about WWE!  They're talking about UFC.  Shayna Baszler made a tweet saying "And now everyone understands why the rule in pro wrestling is the title doesn’t change hands via DQ. #UFC259."  That's the perfect tweet to put on Wreddit.  It's no political.  It has nothing to do with WWE stans or AEW stans.  The only issue is I'd have to use a spoiler tag becuase it's about a recent UFC fight.  

Well, I tried posting it and it didn't show up in the queue.  So something about the title might have triggered the automoderator.   

5:20 A.M.

I have to revise what I said about Apollo Crews earlier.  The problem isn't that people are complaining the gimmick is racist.  The problem is that people are complaining that the commenters in SquaredCircle are having a racist response to Apollo Crews.  There is one idiot on the F4W board who made a topic complaining about how the gimmick is racist, but he's an outlier.  He's just an extreme anti-WWE stan, and most of the people on SquaredCircle aren't like that.  There was a thread in SCJerk titled "Live look at the basement reacting to Apollo Crews’ new gimmick," and it's just an image of Michael Richards going crazy at the Laugh Factory.  And I'm pretty sure there were comments in the post-Smackdown thread or other threads about Apollo where some of the commenters were complaining about how other commenters were making bigoted remarks or just, you know, jokes at the expense of Apollo Crews.  So that's the dynamic that happens.  It's not really a pro-WWE or an anti-WWE thing; although, really, it's closer to being a pro-WWE thing, because commenters are attacking people who don't like the gimmick.

The top comment on the post-Smackdown thread last week was:

Genuinely shocked by the live thread's response and reaction to Apollo's promo tonight. My man out there is finally being given the opportunity you claim to want for these talents, a few minutes with a live mic and a more definable character. And what happens? Hardly anyone actually listens to the content of his speech and starts calling him a reverse Kofi, saying they can't understand him, calling him Jamaican.

Honestly, it's the most embarrassing bullshit I've ever seen on here, and I've been here for MetsFan, FalconArrow and Bullhammer Seizuregate. He clearly explained he was channelling his grandfather, but you all decided to not listen to that and jump on "LOL BLACK ACCENT WTF?!"

The top response to that was:

There the same people who were making fun of bad bunny. I’m not shocked

The top comment on the post-SmackDown thread this week was:

Super sad at the reaction to Apollo's promo. I don't see why Apollo using an accent is a "bad" thing. He is Nigerian, in fact, he is the first Nigerian to ever hold a title in the WWE. He grew up in Africa. This ignorance has to stop.

The top response to that was:

The subreddit that is 90% white males crying about a black man embracing his culture pisses me off to no end.

So it's commenters complaining about how other commenters are ignorant.

5:05 P.M.

There are so many random discussion posts on Wreddit.  Here is one titled "What was better Triple H's heel run from 2002-2006 or his full time face run from 2006-2010?"  Here is one titled "Why is the Universal Title more prestigious than the WWE Title?"  I'm not even reading the comments on those; I'm just noting the questions.  Here is one titled, "Legitimately underrated finish to a match?"  I scanned the comments on that one, because the term "underrated" is overused on Reddit, and there was actually a #1 post a week ago where Mustafa Ali took issue with the term, so maybe everyone got the memo all at once to stop using the term.  No one in the comments really takes issue with the term.  Here is another post titled "Would you consider the Terry Funk and Eddie Gilbert feud in ECW underrated?"  That post only has four comments and no one takes issue with the term.  Here is another post titled  "Does Randy Orton win the World Heavyweight Championship in 2004 if Brock doesn't leave?"  That's a funny question to ask, because I don't even know how it would pop into someone's head to ask it.  For one thing, Brock and Randy Orton were on different brands in 2004, so you're basically asking if there was a butterfly effect or not.  (Or maybe the OP thought they put the title on Randy Orton so that he would be the youngest champion in history?  I'm not actually reading the text of the post.)  Here is a post titled "Top 5 Raw and Smackdown matches of all time," which is a pretty traditional wrestling message board topic, in my opinion.  Or maybe a cliched topic.  Top 5 of all time.  The post has 0 upvotes (27% upvotes) and no visible replies.  Here is a post titled "Cody seems like a legitimately nice guy in real life," which seems like a funny post to make when you consider that everyone in SCJerk likes to shit on Cody.  The post is sitting at 1 upvote (50% upvoted) and has 44 comments.         

One thing about Wreddit (and, really, any message board on the internet I suppose) is you've got a mix of people of all ages, but you have no idea how old any of the people are who makes the posts.  They could be 17 or 37; there's no way to know.  That's an obvious feature of the internet, but it would be interesting if there were some way to just automatically know the age of everyone when they make a post.

8:05 P.M. is pretty much fucked these days.  It used to be nearly 100% reliable in terms of finding deleted threads, but now it turns up hardly any results.  Which means if I want to save a link from Wreddit, I have to make sure to take a screeshot and/or have it saved in my browser history.

8:10 P.M.

The guy next to me is playing Scott Pilgrim vs. The World at a high volume, which is pretty annoying, but it could be worse.  At least he's not playing music.  You can kind of drown out movies with your own TV or by putting on headphones, or just ignore it.  Movies don't fuck with your breathing or heartrate the way that music does.  He's been in there since Friday night, and he coughs like a fucking idiot, so maybe he's in a "quarantine" or something, which would suck because it would mean he's not leaving his room or doing anything productive.  The coughing sound comes right through the wall, so every time he's having a coughing fit, I'm crossing my fingers hoping he drops dead.  He was watching Family Guy last night, so I'm 99% sure he's a white guy.  The guy in the room on the other side tends to talk for an hour or so straight.  I'm not sure if he's talking on the phone if there's actually someone else in the room, be talks very loudly and his voice comes right through the wall as well.  So, it's annoying, but it's not the worst thing someone can do.  You know he's going to stop, even if it takes an hour or so.  It's not going to last hours at a time.

11:45 P.M.

I binge-watched WandaVision.  It peaked around episodes 3/4, and then it just got muddled in the last couple episodes.  I wish they had pretended that Evan Peters wasn't a "recast."  In other words, just do the thing they did with Don Cheadle, where they lampshade it for a moment then go on with business as usual.  Instead, they just lampshaded it 20 times in a row.

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