Monday, March 8, 2021

Day 30

4:25 A.M.

I can't help but look at online reactions to the WandaVision finale.  If I were invested more in this, I would probably be doing the same thing with the MCU as I do with wrestling and looking at all the stan reactions.  I don't think there's any sort of "war" the way there's an AEW vs. WWE war.  Sometimes these movies serve as a proxy war.  Like, if you go on KotakuInAction, you'll find all these weird posts about Star Wars.  So there's a GamerGate vs. SJW's war, and Star Wars is kind of like a vessel for that.  There was one post in particular where one of the commenters brough up China.  I have it bookmarked on my phone, so I'll have to bring it up.  I'm not sure if WandaVision is a vessel for any conflict.  It's just a thing that invites a lot of fan discussion.  But I did think the finale was bad when compared to the rest of the season.  So I read a couple reviews from and that were sour on the finale.  Then there was a Collider article titled "WandaVision Failed to Deliver Things That Were Never Promised to Me," which I suppose is pushing back at the fans, but I'm not going to read the article.  I already know what it's going to say.  There was an article on titled "WandaVision Finale Is Rotten Tomatoes' Worst Rated Episode of the Series," so I can see they're trying to lean into the, uh, conflict.  (Is there really a conflict?)  I'm going to assume the Collider article touches on how people were expecting, like, a surprise villain, or how people were expecting something to do with the Multiverse(?), and how neither of those things were present in the finale.  And I don't care that there wasn't a Multiverse.  I just thought the finale was bad on its own merits.  There was just a boring-ass fight that dragged on for 15 minutes.  There was also a song from episode 7 with lyrics saying how Agatha was behind it all.  But I watched the series, and she clearly wasn't behind it all.  Wanda was behind it all, and Agatha was just there to see what was happening.

The fact is, if you see 100 people reacting to a piece of art, 99% of them are going to have bad reactions, and only 1% of them will have a good reaction.  I find myself rooting around for the 1%, and, in the process, you wind up exposing yourself to the 99% of bad reactions.  

What kind of fucking system is that?  The bad reviews crowd out the good reviews in your own head.  It's not like you can just discard them from your head.  They're stuck there!!!!!!   Fuck.  If you're digging for gold in Alaska, you discard 99% of the dirt using a sluice box, so you're only left with the parts you were looking for.  The rest gets discarded.  But you can't discard something from your brain as easily.  I guess you'll forget about it if you don't think about it, but it probably stays there in your subconscious, like a piece of plastic in the ocean.  It's in the ocean now, and it's not going to degrade.

Maybe that's why I blog about random Wreddit posts, because I don't want them getting stuck in my brain like bits of plastic in the ocean.  I see them, I blog about them, and it's like I'm recycling them into content for this blog.  But if I just look at Wreddit posts and don't blog about them, they're going to wind up in my brain.  Now, that's not always a bad thing.  It's bad if they're like plastic.  

5:10 A.M.

The Dulcolax did its job yesterday.  I took it around 6:30 P.M., and had a stool movement about four hours later, then a large stool movement around 12:30 A.M.  I woke up around 9:30 A.M. and I had to go to the bathroom, and at that point it was more like diarrhea, which is a great feeling to have when you've been constipated.  That's what I would expect from Dulcolax.  Then I had more diarrhea around 12:30 P.M. and a few other visits to the bathroom throughout the afternoon.  Then I took another dose of Dulcolax at 6:30 P.M. last night, and just now had more of the diarrhea.  Maybe it's not a good idea to take it two days in a row, but I just don't want to be that much above 210 pounds.  I've been doing this blog for 30 days, and back on day three I woke up at 213.4 pounds, and it'll just feel kind of fruitless if, after 27 days, I haven't lost any weight.  Technically I was at 215.8 pounds on Day 1, but maybe I was drinking a lot of water that day.  That seems like the type of stupid thing I would do:  Drink a lot of water so that I weigh a couple pounds extra, so that I can feel good about losing those two pounds a couple days later.

1:40 P.M.

I weigh 209.2 pounds right now.  So that's not a discouraging sign.  Maybe the goal now should be:  Never reach 210 pounds.

1:45 P.M.

Well that strategy didn't last long.  I'm already up to 210.2 pounds.  All I ate was a small can of peas and carrots and some Coke Zero, and it quickly added a pound.  I'm pretty sure the scale is wonky, and will suddenly swing 0.4 or 0.6 pounds depending on which way the wind is blowing.  Didn't I also say I would only weigh myself once per day?

1:50 P.M.

See now, I'm down to 209.8 pounds, and I didn't do jack shit.  The scale is wonky.  It's not terribly wonky, but still wonky by about half a pound.

3:25 P.M.

The black guy in the next room was awake and yelling at around 7:45 A.M. this morning.  I couldn't tell why he was yelling, exactly.  I think he was just angry.  He kept saying "I'm not messing around," and "I'm tired of being disrespected."  He's been there since at least Friday with a Do Not Disturb slip on the door handle.  I'm pretty sure there wasn't anyone else in the room, and that he wasn't talking on the phone.  It just sounded like a guy yelling alone in his room.  Still, I'd rather have a guy in the next room who's yelling than a guy in the next room who's playing music.  At leas you know the guy who's yelling is going to shut up after an hour, and also it's entertaining to listen to them yell.  He was yelling again around 9:30 A.M. and a little after noon, but I kept drifting in and out of sleep during that time.  I think he was playing music as well, but for longer than 10 minutes at a time or so.

3:30 P.M.

Actually, I just checked if the Do Not Disturb slip was still on the door, and the black guy is playing music in his room, but it's so soft that I can't hear it when I'm inside my own room.  What a nice guy.

3:45 P.M.

The white guy in the other room is playing a movie again, and the sound is coming through the wall.  So he's probably going to be blasting his TV from 3:35 P.M. until about midnight.  So I've got to try and set my sleep schedule so that I'm asleep between 4:00 P.M. and midnight.  The reason you set a sleep schedule is because there are only certain parts of the day when people aren't making noise.  You have to time your day so that you're awake when other people are asleep.  Today I slept between 5:30 A.M. and 12:30 P.M., roughly.  I woke up a few times because the black guy was yelling, but I was able to fall back asleep before long.  Now, the days are getting longer and it is getting warmer outside, so it may be possible to take some walks.  I'll need to stock up on clothes, and hopefully my tailbone and the areas around my Achilles tendons will hurt less in the coming days.  Those are the sorts of impediments you have to deal with.  But if someone is blasting their TV, and you can take a walk for an hour during that time, well that's one less hour you're dealing with their noise.  Another solution is to put on earbuds and drown out the noise, but there are only so many hours of the day that your ears can tolerate listening to earbuds, even if it's white noise (especially if it's white noise).  It blocks out the pain of the TV from next door, but it's still painful in the long run.  It's just the type of sensation that you can tolerate for a few hours before it, too, becomes painful.  

3:55 P.M.

The guy next door actually turned the TV off.  That's a pleasant change.  It's always a surprise when people stop making noise, even though you would expect a person's default state would be one where they don't make noise.  But they start playing music or they turn on the TV and every time it feels like they're never going to stop.

4:00 P.M.

Nah, I spoke a little too soon.  The TV is still playing in the next room; it's just softer than it was yesterday, but I can still here it at times.  It must have just reached a lull for a while.

4:10 P.M.

WandaVision M.F.A.  I know what this note means, but I'm not in the mood to follow it up right now.  I'll follow it up after taking a walk.  There are two things I have to follow up:  This thing, at that KotakuInAction post I mentioned earlier.

5:50 P.M.

I'm at 208.8 pounds right now, so it should be possible to get back to that same weigh tomorrow.  If I just have dinner, and do today what I did yesterday, I should maintain the same weight.  208.8.  

5:55 P.M.

I walked for about half and hour, and about mid-way through my right hip started to hurt.  It's just one of those things.  You walk for 15 minutes, and your hip hurts, and I'm not sure how to make that go away, other than to not walk for a while.  Or I can take some Advil.  At least it wasn't my tailbone.  When your tailbone hurts, it's more of a 'What the fuck?' feeling, because how do you even hurt your tailbone?  

6:00 P.M.

The guy next door is coughing again.  There was also a baby down the hall wailing away, and it was pretty loud, but it didn't bother me much because it was at the end of the hallway.  But I think a woman wound up knocking on the door and asked what was going on, and it sounded like she said the baby had been crying for an hour.  And then the baby stopped crying after that.  So I couldn't see what was happening, but it was almost like the parent was content to let the baby wail away, and only did something once someone knocked on their door.  There's some noise coming from the left as well.  Just a bunch of ambient noise right now.  Pipes running, and knocking in the walls, and the elevator chime going off.  The coughing guy has the TV on again as well.

6:55 P.M.

I need to recycle.  I've got four windows open with a lot of tabs.  

7:00 P.M.

People are piling on Raj Giri now.  There's a thread titled "Wrestlinginc owner Raj Giri with some sexist comments towards Shida."  Raj was the same guy who said the WON awards were shit, and I considered posting that tweet on Wreddit.  But I ended up not posting it, and I don't think anyone posted it.
7:35 P.M.

Here is a random person shitting on AEW's announcement that Christian had signed with the company.  It's the Price is Right horn.  It got 0 upvotes.  The Reddit was MegaSeriousAccount, and they deleted th thread.  Here is a thread tilted "If WWE still want a female mma fighter they should go all in on Amanda Nunes," which is a bizarre take because WWE already has a female MMA fighter on the roster.  Technically they have more than one.  The person also wrote, "  Her only 'downside' is she's openly gay, barely English speaking Brazilian. But nothing a manager can't fix, " and a commenter replied, "How is her being openly gay a downside?"  That was posted by TimBurtonSucks, and he deleted the thread.  Here is a thread with a picture of Lance Storm, titled "If I can be serious for a minute, my favorite wrestler ever is Lance Storm from Calgary... Alberta, Canada. Now would you please rise."  It received 122 upvotes but was removed for being low-effort content.  That's the sort of post I had in mind when I remarked that some people on Wreddit are clearly just 17 years old, even though Lance Storm retired over a decade ago(?) so maybe that OP was in their 30's or 40's, but the post still made me think about the age range of the different posters on Wreddit.  Here is a thread with a tweet from Bobby Lashley but the OP removed it after a minute and I don't know why.

Okay, so that's five thread recycled.

9:20 P.M.

Here is a random artwork of Kenny Omega.  Here is a thread titled, "The Wrap: WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on Representation, the Lana Storyline and (Still) No Brock Lesnar Match."  The thread has 1 upvote and 0 comments, and the reason it didn't get any engagement is because the title doesn't contain a quote.  You could've picked any random quote from the article, stuck it in the title, and people would've commented on the thread and upvoted it.  But people don't pay attention when you use a title like "WWE Champion Bobby Lashley on Representation, the Lana Storyline and (Still) No Brock Lesnar Match."  You need to include a quote.  No quote, no buys.  At least that's how it works on Wreddit.  Here is a thread titled, "[BTE Spoilers] "Surprise Motherfuckas!""  That does include a quote, althrough the OP could've used any other descriptive title and it would've worked, since the link itself is a tweet with an embedded video.  Here is another thread from Strike_Gently titled "Jim Johnston, former WWE music producer: "The music is so bad! These days it's just sound effects and noises and stuff. It doesn’t have anything to do with the characters and the storylines anymore. That’s the essence of this business... And that’s currently lost. I don’t get it."  The post contains an embedded YouTube video, and Strike_Gently included a quote in the title, so it's like a 2-for-1 special.  It was posted three hours ago and has 669 upvotes.  

9:35 P.M.

Here is a cool picture, titled "Mayor Mystery Has A “Big” Surprise For KSWA As Managing's Top Guru Celebrates 20 Years Of Guiding Champions."  It's an old-timey barker in a mask.  You don't see a lot of random, neat-looking stuff on Wreddit.  You mostly get bland tweets and bland interview excerpts and random gifs from 10-15 years ago.  Here is a post titled "Post AEW Revolution 2021 Match Discussion thread: Women's AEW Championship: Hikaru Shida Vs. Ryo Mizunami."  The top two comments are both from people complaining about the live thread.  Quasimdo wrote: "Live thread for this match was a shit show.  Edit: just so I clarify, the match was fine, but not every bit of criticism about it is racist. There were some definite issues with it."  User LeFederinoPollimo wrote: "God dammit don’t trust live threads Jesus Christ."  The next top comment, from OmegaRedPanda, said: "Match was great. Live thread was trash."  The fourth-top comment was the first one to actually talk about the match instead of the live thread; user Singer211 wrote: "Really good match. Stiff AF.  But please, do not do Shida vs. Nyla AGAIN!!"

That's the shit I document.  If I don't document it, it's going to pollute my mind.  I have to get it out of my mind.  So now I've documented what post-match threads are like.  There's a similar issue with the post-Raw and post-SmackDown threads, where recently the top commenters have been complaining about what some other random commenters said in the live thread.   

10:55 P.M.

Links with Jim Cornette's YouTube videos never perform well on Wreddit. They're always stuck at 0 upvotes.  Links with Wrestling Observer Live videos never perform well.  Usually the comment section will have a lot of people ragging on Bryan Alvarez.  Wrestling Observer Radio YouTube links sometimes do okay, depending on the subject matter.  If it's an interview, then those tend to do okay.  If it's a news update, then those might do okay.  If it's just, like, an excerpt from a Raw review where Dave and Bryan are talking about the show, those often get stuck at 0 upvotes.  

Interestingly, if someone makes a text post with a recap of some news from WOR, of they're just reiterating Dave's opinion on something, those might do well.  People rag on Dave a lot, but often his tweets get a lot of upvotes, and even make the #1 spot.  Bryan's tweets sometimes do okay, but it really depends on the topic.

11:50 P.M.

There are probably thousands of pockets on the internet where you'll find a similar "war" as the one between AEW and WWE.  There's a subreddit called ChildFree, and there a post on /r/InternetDrama titled "Phillip Defranco tells Childfree to "go die in a fire you worthless fucks.""  I could be just as obsessed with the Childfree war as I am with the AEW/WWE war.  I don't follow politics very closely, but that's the big thing most people are addicted to.  Here is a post from /r/Drama titled, "YAS SLAY QUEEN, BUT 100% UNIRONICALLY 💖😘😍," and it has a funny drawing of Kyrsten Sinema.  There are probably a lot of articles about Kyrsten Sinema right now, and I'm not reading any of them.  But they're out there.  Imagine if I lived in Arizona and my obsession was following local state politics.  Fuck.  Here's the drawing:

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