Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Day 31

2:10 A.M. 

I've got five windows open.  I'm going to document random threads or comments.  Here is a thread in /r/BoxOffice titled, "'Justice League' Surprises Some HBO Max Subscribers with Accidental Debut - The anticipated four-hour cut from director Zack Snyder plays for some users who attempt to access 'Tom & Jerry.'"  The bottom comment is from BeaArthursSpicyTaint, who wrote "What a fucking joke."  I just like how the internet provides a forum for random people to write "What a fucking joke" about events in the news.  

Here is a thread from TheGodOfWrestling (the WWE stan) titled, "MAJOR SPOILER REPORT: AEW’S NEXT MAJOR “HALL OF FAME WORTHY” SIGNEE REVEALED."  It was a discussion post, but the text was a report from Slice Wrestling which said Christian would be the new AEW signee.  And it was Christian.  And multiple people (were Rovert) were already saying there were indications it was Christian.  I figure most people were expecting it was Christian.  And that's not a knock at Slice Wrestling.  What interested me was how the commenters were ragging on Slice Wrestling for this report (or prediction, if you don't want to give them the benefit of the doubt) which turned out to right.  BaxterHibbleton wrote, "Slice wrestling.  Fucking LMAO good try."  LeFederinoPollimo wrote, "How trustworthy is Slice?"  (That's the question everyone always fucking asks, and it comes off strangely every time.)  cjsc9079 wrote, "'slicewreslting'  KEK"  

I took another look at the Raj Giri thread.  trnzone wrote, "It's time to ban Raj Giri from here. Not just for this comment but his absolutely horrendous "reporting.""  That seems like an overreaction, but the comment did get 87 upvotes.  noaliciaigotkeyes wrote, "Have you read the comments on that website? It’s like Qanon and Jim Cornette had a baby.  And people say reddit is toxic."  I've never taken more than a glance at the comments on WrestlingInc, but that sounds like the type of thing people write about any website where they're not an active commenter.  SuplexCity-Mayor had made a thread yesterday before Revolution; it was a link to a tweet by Raj Giri, titled, "Raj Giri [from WrestlingInc]: "I have heard from a good source who the big surprise is. Like when I had the Royal Rumble winners, I don't like posting spoilers like that on the site, but if you really want to know and won't post it publicly, you can DM me.""  That seems like an odd thing to write on Twitter, as well as a weird thing to subsequently post on Wreddit, since you're not really linking to any spoilers.  You're just saying, 'Hey, this guy has a spoiler and is willing to share the spoiler.'  You might see that on a forum like the F4W Board, but you don't usually see it on Wreddit.

Jesus Christ, there are still so many tabs open.  

I was googling foreign-language musicals, and found an article on TheaterNerds.com titled, "11 Foreign-Language Musicals You Need To Hear."  The article is from four years ago, and I wanted to note how TheaterNerds.com has a layout totally reminiscent of BuzzFeed, and I have no clue, without exploring the site further, how sophisticated the website is.  None.  And I'm not going to bother clicking on the homepage.  

Gotta recycle this shit.  Gotta get it out of my brain.

2:35 A.M.

I keep noticing how Strike_Gently posts images and gifs just to reap karma points.  I have to assume at some level he is interested in the image and gifs before he posts them, but the relentless posting each day just comes across as the actions of a person craving karma points.  And it strikes me as such a weird fucking thing, that you have this forum with 500,000 subscribers, and one of the most prominent posters is just posting images and gifs that he thinks will appeal to the hivemind of the place.  Here is a post with an image of four fan-favorite female wrestlers:  Kairi Sane, Asuka, Sasha and Bayley.  So of course the thread gets upvotes--78 upvotes in two hours.  And the image is several months old, too.  It's from, like, the middle of 2020.  Here is a gif of Kofi Kingston celebrating backstage after his title win at WrestleMania a few years ago.  The gif has 757 upvotes in 12 hours.  In this case, the gif may be from the recent Big E documentary that came out on the WWE network.  Here is a thread Strike_Gently made 12 hours ago titled, "Dean Ambrose has a TV monitor explode in his face, leading to a loss against Bray Wyatt."  He made that thread to play off the AEW pay-per-view last night.  AEW was doing an exploding ring gimmick, and they totally shit the bed.  So Strike_Gently posted this gif from another match years ago which featured a pyrotechnic finish.  I'm not even sure what he thought the point of the thread was.  It comes off like a passive-aggressive knock on AEW, but it might just be, 'Hey, here's a similar thing.'  The thread got 0 upvotes (18% upvoted) and he deleted it. 

Here is a thread from a different user last night titled, "What's wrong with Jim ross's voice?"  Nothing remarkable about that thread.  Just a person asking a question.  It was posted by DollarStoreEtika, and it was removed by the moderators, and then the OP deleted the thread as well.  People really love to delete their threads after the threads get removed by the moderators.  It's like they think they're in trouble or something, and they want to hide the evidence.

Here is a thread by dammand32 titled, "Boebert alarmed that gays, lesbians and sweet transvestites will reign supreme with the equality act - The Politicus."  Well that was just a case of someone posting a link in the wrong subreddit, and it was removed by the moderators.  The OP was dammand32, and he deleted the thread afterwards.  (That decision I understand.)  At least...I think they made a mistake by posting it in SquaredCircle.  Yeah, the same OP posted the link a while later in /r/ParlerWatch.  

Damn, recycling these threads takes up a lot of energy.

2:50 P.M.

I've still gotta bring up that WandaVision article and that KotakuInAction thread.  I weigh 210.2 pounds right now, which means I have to go 12 hours without eating to get around around 208.8 pounds.  I should be able to go until 2:30-to-3:00 P.M. without eating.  I've still got to sleep for 6-8 hours, right? 

3:20 A.M.

Here is a thread titled, "Am I the only one who feels Edge vs. Roman Reigns is a little underwhelming?"  I was expecting a lot of people would agree with the OP, especially now that Daniel Bryan is being put into the title mix.  It did get 26 upvotes (60% upvoted).  But the top two comments were:

two top wrestlers going toe to toe for the first time ever i really can't wait for it.


Edge vs. Roman sounds a lot better and more exciting to me, and more like a WrestleMania Main Event, than Bryan vs. Roman or a triple threat.

The fuck?  Since when do people on Wreddit prefer Edge over Daniel Bryan?  Maybe I'm being influenced by the way Edge has been presented for the last two weeks on SmackDown.  They're practically turning him heel and the story is that he's annoyed by the fact Daniel Bryan is getting a title shot at Fastlane.  In storyline, that makes no sense unless we're supposed to think that Edge is afraid to face Daniel Bryan, or unless we're supposed to think that Edge has a particular grudge against Roman Reigns and wants to face him because of that grudge.  But there's no indication that Edge has a real grudge against Roman Reigns, and Edge even did some backstage segments three weeks ago where he talked to all the participants in the Elimination Chamber and was hyped about the chance to face them, should they win the title.  (Well, he was hyped to face guys like Cesaro and Daniel Bryan, I think.)  So if you've paid attention the last two weeks, you get the impression they're changing his character.

3:25 a.M.

I went into the grill last week, and the TV had the news on.  There was a story about the Andrew Cuomo scandal, and then a clip of Bill de Blasio talking about vaccines.  And these were the same two stories that had been on the TV the day before.  You can go 24 hours, and check the news, and it'll just be the same stories.  

3:30 A.M.

I bought a pair of headphones from a bodega a few blocks away.  They're white earbuds, and there's no indicator for which one is the right earbud and which one is the left earbud.  So I listened to a YouTube video designed to tell you right from left, and then I attacked a piece of Skotch tape to the left earbud wire. 

2:45 P.M.

The lists feature on Twitter is pretty wonky.  It's more effective to just create an account and follow people, and have your "following" list be the list you use.

4:30 P.M.

Someone on Wreddit linked to the Renee Paquette interview with Christian Cage.  It was a straight-up link, in the form of a text post, with links to Apple, Google, and Spotify, and a description of the episode.  The thread got 44 upvotes (75% upvoted) which is the equivalent of a golf clap.  Strike_Gently posted a Fightful.com link with an excerpt, and of course he put a quote in the title, and that's in the # 1 spot with 2,184 votes (96% upvoted) after five hours.  The actual title of the Fightful article is "Christian Cage Details Conversations That Led Him To Leave WWE For AEW," so it's the people on Wreddit who go through the work of picking a specific quote.    

Seeing a quote from a wrestler is like hearing the Word of God for these people.  Any quote from any wrestlers is treated with immense reverence, unless it's just an outright based opinion.  Like, if Joey Ryan or TJP say something on Twitter, that'll get downvoted.  But a tweet from someone like Samoa Joe or Adam Page always gets treated with reverence.  I pick those two guys because they have a lot stream-of-consciousness tweets which don't really have anything to do with wrestling but they get posted on Wreddit anyway.

4:40 P.M.

Here is a post titled WRESTLING, and it's a graphic with a bunch of TV screens showing women wrestlers.  I think it was International Women's Day yesterday, so this is probably a tie-in to that.  The OP is saying women's wrestling is wrestling, like that's a profound and powerful statement, and the mods removed it and flaired it as "Title too vague."  It was sitting at 3 upvotes (55% upvoted).

Here is a post, submitted by SuplexCity-Mayor and linking to an interview except on WrestlingInc.com, titled "Carlito on John Cena dropping the US Title to him in his Debut: “He’s always been a giving guy. He’s always been one of my biggest cheerleaders. Of course, if he doesn’t agree with it then it doesn’t go down. So it was very gracious to him to allow a young kid to come in and do the honors for me.” "  Long title, and a quote from a wrestler.  I don't find the quote all that interesting, and actually I remember watching that episode of SmackDown from like 2004 when Carlito debuted and I didn't like it.  The post got 438 upvotes.

I'm still recycling threads.  There are, like 20 more to go.  Fuck.  Why do I have so many tabs open? 

4:45 P.M.

I'm going to take a walk to Walgreens and back; pick up some Fiber bars and other protein bars or whatever for dinner.

6:40 P.M.

The coughing guy is gone.  That's nice.  It means the space is quieter between 3:00 P.M. and midnight.  (Of course someone else could start occupying the room, but I'll appreciate the silence while it lasts.)

6:45 P.M.

So far today I've eaten a salad, two protein bars, and a Fiber One bar.  But last night I went to the gas station and bought a bag of potato chips and a packet of Peanut Butter Cups.  I don't know if the potato chips and the peanut butter cups really add that much weight--at the end of the day, it's about 600 calories.  I get the feeling it's better to eat three protein bars and get 600 calories that way than to get 600 calories from potato chips and peanut butter cups.  I haven't really been counting calories, since a lot of the food I eat doesn't come in packages.  I get chicken and rice from the halal cart, I get pizza, I get sandwiches from the bodega and I get hamburgers and french fries from the Korean market.  None of that stuff comes with a calorie count.

7:35 P.M.

Here is a drawing of a fat version of King from Tekken.  It was removed for being "Plot" content.  I think the problem was that King had a huge bulge.  The OP was nelehisthesurvivor, and of course they deleted the post once the mods removed it, because they didn't want to get in trouble.

Here is a humor video.  The thread is titled, "I made a video outlining why Tucker would beat Rey Mysterio in a singles match. Hopefully this puts an end to the debate once and for all."  I was kind of expecting the moderators to remove it.

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