Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Day 32

1:35 A.M.

The ceiling and walls are shaking at 1:00 A.M.  I don't understand how someone can be in a room and constantly make noise of the wall-shaking variety.  It's like they're constantly lifting a suitcase a foot off the ground and dropping in to the ground, or constantly opening and shutting the dresser drawers.  I feel like I could go through the whole day and never make a banging sound of that caliber, but other people make a banging sound every 30 seconds.  

There's a black guy shouting from somewhere in the void outside.  It certainly sounds like his voice is coming from outside.  But he's been shouting for an hour, and it wouldn't really make sense if he's been outside this whole time at 1:00 A.M.  It sounds like it's coming from the sidewalk. The view of the sidewalk is partially blocked by the entranceway.  It could be coming from above.  I don't think he's in the room above me, even though the person in the room above me is making noise as well.  It sounds like a domestic argument, because you can hear a woman shouting back, but her voice isn't as loud.

I said the coughing guy left today, but they put someone else in the room and he's playing the TV at 1:30 A.M.  It sounds like a stand-up special, and it's a person shouting in front of a crowd.  Every new person has the potential to be one of those people who blasts the TV for 24 hours a day, so until this person shuts of the TV, I won't know how much of an annoyance they are.  If they only play the TV for a few hours, that's fine.  I can live with that.  If they're blasting the TV until 9:00 A.M., that's going to be a problem.  

At least when a person is shouting in real life, you know they're going to get tired after a while.  A TV doesn't get tired.  What if this person lulls himself or herself to sleep with the sounds of a person shouting on TV, the way some people lull themselves to sleep by playing Futurama?  What if this is a 10-hour comedy special.

1:40 A.M.

You really only get one opportunity to tell a person to turn down their fucking TV.  And if you get angry enough to start banging on the wall, you forfeit the future opportunity to knock politely on their door.  I feel like it's a little tougher to tell someone to turn down their TV than it is to tell them to turn down their music.  People go to sleep with the TV on, but they don't go to sleep with music on, so there's no way to know if this person is still awake or not.  

3:30 A.M.

The guy next door turned the volume on his TV down around 3:00 A.M.  So it is possible for him to listen to TV without blasting it.

4:50 A.M.

The guy next door cranked up the volume on the TV again.  It was a stand-up special and you could hear a vuvuzela playing over and over again from the crowd.  I tried banging on the wall a few times, but it didn't make much of an impact.  Then finally I banged three times on the wooden headrest and at that point he turned the volume down.  Maybe he turned the TV off entirely.  I realized it might not be a good idea to knock on his door, since he might not be dressed.  Also, the person right across the hall from him was also playing their TV kind of loudly; I couldn't hear it from my room, but it might've been strange to ask him to turn his TV down when the person right across the hall was also playing their TV at a high volume.

I feel like the vuvuzelas were annoying enough that even a person watching the program would realize, 'Yeah, that's an annoying sound.'  At least I hope that that's what a reasonable person would think.  The truth is that I hate any fucking noise, whether it's vuvuzelas or music or Family Guy or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, but it's widely accepted in our culture that vuvuzelas are fucking annoying, so you can bang on the wall when you hear vuvuzelas are playing and still pass as a normal person, because any normal person would hate hearing a vuvuzela play at 4:30 A.M.  

Now the real test is whether the guy gets the hint tomorrow.  I can't very well knock on his door at this point and ask him to turn the TV down.  Like I said, you only get one shot to ask a person to turn down the volume on their TV or to turn down their music.  

I keep saying they were vuvuzelas, but it could've been any type of horn.  It's the same horn that DJ Accident Report playing in those Nobodies Watching Wrestling videos.  It's a pretty standard annoying horn.  

4:55 A.M.

It's quiet right now, but Jesus fuck, why did I have to wait until 5:00 A.M. for this?  The hours between 1:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. should be pretty reliably quiet, but you combine the shouting people and the banging people and the people playing their TV's all night and it might as well be the middle of the day.

5:20 A.M.

I find myself getting weirdly jealous of people who go on social media and talk about the latest movie they watched or the latest watercooler show they binge-watched.  It annoys me that other people have the ease of mind to consume popular entertainment while still maintaining their jobs.  And they always do it in a way where they don't indicate that they're under any stress from work or that it's eating into their free time to spend hours watching this movie or TV show.  I watched WandaVision because I was genuinely interested in the show, but it was also satisfying just to watch it and not feel like other people got to enjoy something that I hadn't enjoyed.  

5:40 A.M.

Here is a Wreddit post titled, "Was scrolling through MVP Instagram and came across this post with lashley and Lesnar. Even Taker knows it’s big money." I found it interesting how they frame it as a money match-up, and not just as a match people want to see.  I assume people do want to see the match.

Here is a post titled, "Alexa Bliss reacts to hateful comments to her tattoo of Ryan Cabrera which she has now deleted."  People get really defensive whenever a wrestler receives mean comments online.  

Here is a post titled, "Best ring entry in WCW."  It's just a random gif of a woman in WCW trying to enter the ring on an episode of Nitro.  Just a case of 'Here's a random gif from 20+ years ago," and it got 98 upvotes (91% upvoted).

Here is another post titled, "Natalya takes Eve Torres' head off with a discus clothesline."  Just another random gif from a match on SmackDown from 7-10 years ago.  It's not even a high-quality clip in terms of resolution.  

5:50 A.M.

Someone made a thread titled, "You'd barely know Wrestlemania was weeks away with the current hype (lack thereof) on tv for it."  When I first checked it, it was at 0 upvotes (45% upvoted) with 10 comments.  Currently it's at 9 upvotes (56% upvoted) with 33 comments.  I'm not really interested in reading the discussions.  

Someone else made a post with the title, "Saw her on Bumble, had to swipe right. Have a nice day!"  The OP deleted the thread so I can't see who made it, and the image itself disappeared.  It was an image.  It was at 0 upvotes (40% upvoted).  There was one comment, from truecolors5, who wrote, "FYI you didn't do a very good job crossing out their name. You can see what it is pretty easily."

5:55 A.M.

Here is a post titled, "WWE Randomly reminding us of that time that Triple H and Bray Wyatt had a stare down that went nowhere and never referenced again."  It was a link to a tweet from the @WWE account showing a staredown from 5 years ago between Bray Wyatt and Triple H, and the OP is right in that the straredown never led to anything.  You don't usually see these sort of posts that are critical of WWE booking.  You see posts that are critical of WWE, but not of the booking itself.  The post got 443 upvotes (92% upvoted) and 53 comments.  

6:00 A.M.

Here is a Streamable video of Brock Lesnar trying to hit an elbow drop during a dark match against Spike Dudley back in 2002.  Someone else had posted a video of Brock's entrance for that same match, so I'm assuming this other person found the match and decided to post a gif of Brock's elbow drop for karma.  I checked, and the two posts did come from different people. 

I took a screenshot of a random story from the website  There are a lot of random-ass wrestling news sites.  This story was a regurgitation of something Dave Meltzer said on Wrestling Observer Radio.  There's a cliche that a lot of the newz aggregator sites just regurgitate stuff from WOR or the Observer newsletter, and this was an example of that cliche.  The article was titled, "Possible Reason Why The Miz Had Such a Short Reign With the WWE Championship."  

6:05 A.M.

Here is a YouTube video post titled, "I'm not sure what's up with Charlie Haas but he's not looking well."  It was posted by Honkmaster.  The same exact video, with the same URL, was posted to SquaredCircle two months ago, which means Honkmaster would've gotten that notification when he tried to post this video again.

6:10 A.M.

Here is a post titled, "At what point do people start complaining about RAW's Women's Division?"  That's another post criticizing WWE booking, but it's different from the other post I mentioned above criticizing WWE booking.  This is the type of post that might get some upvotes or might be heavily downvoted.  It's tough to tell, and sometimes I'm surprised by the result.  This is similar to the other post where the OP was talking about how he wasn't hyped for the Edge vs. Roman Reigns match.  Anyway, the first time I checked, this post was sitting at 0 upvotes (40% upvoted) with 15 comments.  It is currently at 9 upvotes (57% upvoted) with 51 comments.  And again I'm not interested in reading the discussions.

6:20 A.M.

At one point yesterday I opened up the new queue on Wreddit and noticed just how many text posts there were flooding the new queue.  So many random discussions.  There were 8 discussion posts in the span of 15 minutes.  Here they are:

The women of Raw and SmackDown deserve much better

AEW should do an event called Rage in a Cage

WrestleMania Air Time

Who do you think AJ Styles will face at Mania

Vince McMahon is more entertaining than any current wrestler and alot of past wrestler.

What happened to RAW underground and retribution?

What happened to Jericho?

Curious about the world of independent wrestling? Well here's a quick guide to the scene.

That last post actually sounds useful.  But the others?  They just all lap on top of each other.  What happened to Retribution.?  They're still on Raw every week!  I'll bet some of these threads were removed.  Let's see....

The thread about the women on Raw and SmackDown deserving (much) better was removed.
The AEW "Rage in a cage" thread was removed.
The Vince McMahon thread was removed and flaired as "Low Effort Text Post, Use Daily Thread."
The Jericho thread was removed.
All the others stayed up.

9:15 A.M.

Here is a thread titled, "Has Bayley plugging younger wrestlers in her Tweets ever paid off?"  It's a fair question to ask.  I notice Bayley tweets stuff like "I want to wrestle @shirai_io," and it's like, is she trying to book her own feuds through Twitter?  It just seems like a thing a lot of wrestlers do, particularly Bayley.  The thread got 0 upvotes (27% upvoted) and received 8 comments.

9:30 A.M.

I visited last night and saw an excerpt of a Fandango interview.  And I thought it was exactly the type of article that would get put onto Wreddit with a formulaic title.  The interview took place on The Bump.  Here it is in the morning.  SuplexCity-Mayor posted the link, and he titled it, "Fandango on R-Truth during Season 4 of NXT: “The NXT guys coming to the road had their own locker room, separated from the main roster locker room. Truth was very welcoming. He made me feel comfortable. If R-Truth can’t pull a personality out of you, then I don’t know who can.”  It has 5 upvote after 18 minutes, so it'll probably make the top 25 but I don't think it'll reach the #1 spot.  That would be impressive it it reached the #1 spot, because no one thinks about Fandango these days.

Incidentally the #1 post on Wreddit is another excerpt from the Christian interview.  This time it was a link to an excerpt on, posted by tamakingdo.  The post has 3,902 upvotes after 13 hours.

Rikishi did an interview with Chris Van Vliet recently, and so far no one has linked to an interview excerpt on Wreddit. posted an excerpt earlier today, so you gotta figure tamakingdo (or someone else?) will post a link to that before the end of the day.  

11:35 A.M.

The black guy next door was shouting again at 8:00 A.M.  I guess that's just his daily routine.  Wake up, take a shower, have a shave, and shout for 20 minutes and wake up your neighbors.  He has the TV on right now, but it's not loud enough to come through the wall, which is nice.  I was in the hallway last night and could hear he was playing a Borat movie, but I wouldn't know it sitting in my room.  It's amazing when people do that--turn the TV on but don't blast it so loud that the people in the next room hear it.  

The problem was that I couldn't fall asleep again after he woke me up.  

The guy in the other room was blasting his TV again at 10:30 A.M.  It was some sort of rap battle program, so all you hear is a black guy shouting at the top of his lungs, punctuated with an air horn.  Just non-stop shouting until 5:00 A.M., and then it pick up again at 10:30 A.M.  I went and knocked on the guy's door, and he immediately turned the volume way down, so he has to understand it was really fucking loud.  He still has the TV on, and I can still hear the air horn, but it's off in the distance now, like the traffic outside.  He didn't open the door when I knocked on it; he just turned the volume down.  I guess he doesn't have anything else to do while staying here except blast the TV, because he was playing it until 5:00 A.M. and then he just turned it on in the morning again, and it was the same program.  I could hear the credits roll, and then it starts again.

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