Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Day 39

12:05 A.M.

I weigh 210.4 pounds right now.  So I'll definitely be under 210.0 pounds by the morning.

6:30 A.M.

There are two YouTube videos I watched recently.

One from the channel Xizwan, which has 47,300 subscribers, titled "WWE 17 March 2021 Roman Reigns VS. Edge VS. Drew McIntyre VS. Brock Lesnar VS. Bobby Lashley VS. All."  It was uploaded on March 3rd and has 2,926,544 views.

One from the channel WWE Premium (which doesn't list its subscriber count), titled "WWE 2021 Brock Lesnar return with new look and destroy Roman Reigns in face of Paul Heyman."  It was uploaded on January 13th and has 1,649,627 views.  

Both are mash-ups of WWE clips.  The clips in that first video are from recent Royal Rumble matches.  The clips in that second video are just various clips of Brock Lesnar, and a lot of the clips show him attacking Roman Reigns.  

The first video ends with an advertisements(?) for a mobile pool games--Shanghai Oriental Pearl or something like that.

The second video uses a thumbnail of a jacked Brock Lesnar sporting a beard, and I think it's photoshopped, but I'm annoyed because I'm not 100% sure.  I mean, it looks like a cross between Brock Lesnar and Lars Sullivan, and I don't think he's ever looked that way.

7:00 A.M.

There was a loud humming sound outside from around 3:00 A.M. to around 6:45 A.M.  I started reading this article on about noise, then I realized I didn't care enough to read the story on my phone.  Maybe if I had a printer then I would print it out and read it that way, but I just feel like a douche reading it on my phone in the middle of the night.  

7:05 A.M.

Okay, so what were the recent top Wreddit posts.  There were five.
Toni Storm clapping back at a fan who fat-shamed her.
A Maki Itoh tweet
An excerpt from an interview with Renee Michelle
A tweet from T-Bar
A tweet from Mickie James
I should giver honorable mention to a post about Drake Wuertz(?) protesting in a capital building.  
None of those are Stan posts, which I suppose is good.

There was a BusinessInsider article titled "Facebook identifies 111 accounts behind most anti-vaxx posts."  I'm not going to read it, because I don't really care about Anti-vaxxers, but I'm going to remember the headline.  

7:40 A.M.

I'm doing that thing again where I don't check the internet.

3:25 P.M.

I'm no longer doing that thing where I don't check the internet.  The impulse lasts for about five hours at a time.

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