Friday, March 19, 2021

Day 41

4:05 A.M.

I know it's stupid to document Wreddit posts, but I have this belief that they provide a good snapshot for how the internet works as a whole.  It's a waste of time, but also not a waste of time.  I made a post earlier today which was a link to a story about Eric Bischoff going into the WWE Hall of Fame.  I saw the link on Twitter first, so it was either post the tweet, or post the actual article, and I went with the article even though it was technically an extra step.  Then a few second later someone else posted the tweet.  Since my post was first, mine was the one that stayed up, and it got about 2,000 upvotes.  The current #1 post right now is a tweet from Kevin Nash which says, “America is so full of hate. The senseless violence against our Asian American community once again showing how broken we are. Let's be diligent and protect our Asian Brothers and Sisters.”  It has 5,761 upvotes.  I watched a movie last night which featured Kevin Nash; he's pretty good on-screen.  

Here is a post from some dude that says, "this subreddit should be called aewsquaredcircle."  It's a discussion post, and the text says: "after scrolling for like 10+ cards all i see is mini clips pf aew. i am tired seeing mini clips of aew like 20+ a day."  The top comment says: "If you want more non AEW content then create it yourself."  That's a weird rebuttal.  Like, it's obvious the front page is full of AEW clips and link on Wednesday night, and post more non-AEW content won't change the makeup of the front page.  You're not just going to post an MLW clip and have that make the front page.  The next top comment says, "You chose to look at this sub on a Wednesday so that's your own damn fault."  And the next top comment says, "Today's Thursday. You know what that means."  The thread had 0 upvotes (26% upvoted). 

The only way to avoid falling into this trap is to stop looking at Wreddit.  But I keep looking at Wreddit because I want to keep tabs on what's happening.  And when I look at Wreddit, my brain goes, 'This is representative of the internet and, to a degree, society as a whole.  I should document this.'  Maybe the solution is to just get smarter.  But I don't want to get so smart that I lose interested in documenting these posts, because in a way I feel it's important to hold on to the stupid parts of your brain and not forget them.  

Am I smart enough to make money from Cryptocurrency?  I know I'm smart in a lot of ways, but I'm also dumb as fuck in certain ways.  If I'm dumb as fuck when it comes to Cryptocurrency, then it would be a bad idea to invest money in it.  But if that's one of the areas where I'm smart (or have the potential to be smart) then why the fuck aren't I doing it?  The problem is I can't tell if it would be an area that I would be smart in or an area that I would be dumb in.  I say I want to get smarter, right?  What areas am I smart in, exactly?  Maybe I'm not smart; I'm just persistent.  

4:20 A.M.

I won the Learned League match yesterday, 1(2) - 0(1).  For the most part these aren't hard questions.  My percentage this season is .333.  I'm getting a third of them right, and it's kind of rare that the answer is something I've never heard of.  But I've also been playing for five season and my answer percentage hasn't gone up over time.  My third season was pretty good, and then my percentage went way down in my fourth season.  And now, during my fifth season, I'm back where I was at during my first season.  Like I said, these aren't hard questions.  I'm missing the majority of them, but they aren't that hard.  

9:10 A.M.

I can read a book and check Wreddit at the same time.  That's not a conflict.  I think the bigger conflict is watching a movie.  It's okay to have a movie on in the background.  I have 1984 on in the background right now on mute.  It's the 1984 version.  It's muted.  If I were sitting down and really watching a movie and paying attention, then that might impair my ability to read.  There are different forms of distractions; different tiers.  Sitting down to watch a movie is a Tier 1 distraction.  Sitting down at your desk for work is a Tier 1 distraction.  Having a movie on in the background is a Tier 3 distraction.  Reading a book is a Tier 1 distraction.  Checking Wreddit is a Tier 2 distraction.  You can't have two Tier 1 distractions at the same time.  You can't really have a Tier 1 and a Tier 2 distraction going at the same time and concentrate on both.

8:05 P.M.

I bought a gallon of water from the bodega for $2.50 and am going to drink that instead of getting water from the sink.  Normally I'm fine with drinking water from the sink, but it's fucking cloudy.  I also took a 30-minute walk.  I've read about 17 pages today. Well, more than that since I'm reading two books at once, but one of them is a book of essays and I'm not reading the essays in order.  I want to continue reading, but I can also feel that my brain is tired, so here's the point where I wonder how to get my brain back in reading shape.  Do I take a day off?  I don't want to take a whole day off.  But I can't pick up reading right away this evening.  I need to rest for a bit.  I slept about 6 hours today, I think.  Actually I'm not really sure how much I slept.  It was between 4 and 6 hours.  Actually I can just check my browsing history.  There was a break of 5 hours and 52 minutes, so it wasn't any more than that, and probably a good deal less.

10:30 P.M.

There are 10 layers to every single tweet.  Not just in terms of irony (although not every tweet is ironic) but in terms of psychological motivations.

10:45 P.M.

If every tweet has 10 layers, then what's the point of even being on Twitter?  Either you're trying to sway the conversation, or you're observing the conversation.

10:50 P.M.

A lot of YouTube videos have "ASMR" in the title.  Call me crazy, but I don't think all of these videos are really ASMR.

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