Sunday, March 21, 2021

Day 43

08:00 A.M.

What are the big controversies of the day that people get upset about?  QAnon and the Proud Boys.  I know there are other things people get upset about, but those are the ones I'm aware of because they kind of all into the "misinformation" beat.  At least QAnon does.  The Proud Boys are just some jamokes.  It seems weird how they're still producing articles about how someone's mother went down the QAnon rabbit hole when Q hasn't posted anything since December 8th.  What's the problem right now?

8:30 A.M.

I resubscribed to the F4WOnline website.  Dave and Bryan had an 80-minute show last night.  You could definitely pick out parts of that show and post it on Wreddit (or Twitter I suppose) and get people riled up.  But when you listen to the 80-minute show, nothing comes across as controversial.  It only becomes controversial when you shorten it.  And I'm not saying it's because there's missing context or anything like that.  The full context is there even in a shortened clip.  It becomes controversial when you shorten it and only focus on the one thing.  When you shorten a clip, you're transforming it, even if you don't mess with the context of mess with the meaning.  You're still transforming it.  I was thinking of posting an excerpt from WOR on Wreddit, but I'm not really in the mood to transcribe a whole section of dialogue.  I'm a very slow typer when transcribing something.  I'm a fast transcriber, but a slow transcriber.  It would be a lot easier to copy-and-paste a portion of the Observer.  Guys like MeltzerSaidWhat and BlurayWrestling use some sort of clipping software.  When MeltzerSaidWhat posts an audio clip, he has it playing with a red background, and BlurayWrestling has some app on his phone that he uses to play the shows as a podcast.  They're all podcasts, but I just play the shows by visiting the site directly and never download the shows or save them as podcasts on my phone.          

10:40 A.M.

There are like five or six guys involved in controversy on Substack, and none of them seem to have any charm.  Glenn Greenwald looks like a fucking toad.  Michael Tracey looks like a disheveled college student who raises his hand during class discussions to make a point t which all the girls in the class will think is vaguely sexist.  Matt Taibbi is bald, and not a good-looking bald, either.  Freddie DeBoer looks like a sad sack.  I realize I'm mainly focusing on their looks, but it plays a part.  I'm just spitballing here.  Tucker Carlson always has a stupid expression on his face, but he's not a bad looking guy.  He doesn't look like a toad!  

There's a controversy right now involving Substack because two of the writers, Jesse Singal and Matthew Yglesias, are being attacked for being transphobic.  I have zero thoughts about transphobia or trans rights.  But I do follow Jesse Singal's tweets and I can tell, even in Twitter form, the guy has no charm.  Is his podcast any different?  I've never listened to his podcast.  I don't even know what his voice sounds like.  

10:45 A.M.

What are the other controversies of the day?  An editor for Teen Vogue was denied that position because of past tweets.  People (I don't know which people) were saying the tweets were racist against Asian people, and I'm not a good judge of whether something is racist or not.  I saw some of her tweets, and I certainly didn't think they were offensive.  The only thing I find offensive is bad writing.  There was one tweet where she said 'Why is this news?' in regards to a story about a gay umpire.  That's the only tweet I found offensive, because it was a story in, like, USAToday, and it just seemed stupid that you would dismiss something like that with the 'Why is this news?' line.  Some people clearly care about the story, idiot.  I heard she was, like, 17 when she made some of those tweets, so it's possible I'm calling her an idiot for something she wrote when she was 17.

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