Monday, March 22, 2021

Day 44

11:30 A.M.  

I'm up to 214.0 pounds right now, and I know why it's happening.  

Problem 1:  Don't ever stock up on food.  You buy Clif Bars for a dollar, and that's an extra 750 calories per day. 

Problem 2:  The strategy of staying up all night only works if you don't have jack shit to do the next day.  And it has to be absolute jack shit.  Like, if there's a phone call you have to make, then that's going to seep into your focus.  And you're going to lose the will power necessary to avoid eating food.  Avoiding eating food requires 100% concentration, and if you mess up that concentration, you're going to peel off course.  You'll add an extra 1,000 calories per day.  

Problem 3:  The noise factor.  The shouting guy next door has gotten into the habit of blasting his TV at a loud volume at random times throughout the day, even at 3:00 A.M.  So you need to get away from that guy.  You need to get far away from any fucking asshole who makes noise with his TV or who impedes your progress.  Noise is a health hazard, so you need to get away from unhealthy people who make noise and who are clearly too selfish to care about the harm they're doing to other people.  It wasn't too bad a couple weeks ago.  I don't know what changed; maybe his life has gone down the shitter in the past two weeks so now he'd reduced to playing the TV all day.  So you get desperate for these pockets of silence, which means you stay away every day between midnight and 3:00 A.M. to get that pocket of silence.  If this guy would just shut up or move or (most preferably) die, then that removes all your stress, and you can go back to sleeping at whatever hours of the day you please.  But if the guy doesn't shut up, then either you're stuck putting up with his noise, or you have to move.  And a lot of times it's hard to move.  You're just constrained in some way.  When a TV is blasting in the other room, it's like having your breathing restricted.  Like, I prefer it when he's just shouting or talking loudly on the phone and doing that "AAHHHH" laugh thing that black people do.  Because I know he can't keep that up forever.

Problem 4:  Clean clothes.  I need, like five more pairs of shorts.  I'm got some boils on the inside of my thigh, which is clearly the result of taking 30-minute walks two days in a row and not changing my shorts or pants.  So I've got to get all my laundry in order and just line up all my shorts and pants and make sure I have enough so that I never wear the same garment more than two days in a row.  I bought some bandaids to cover up the sores, and a couple days ago I asked the desk clerk to get someone to change the sheets.  So if you have clean clothes, you can go take a 30-minute walk and no stress out about it.  My hip and my tailbone were hurting a while ago, but nowhere near as badly right now as compared to a couple weeks ago.  

12:00 P.M.

There are two people whose Twitter feeds I occasionally look at:  Scarlett E. Harris and Sophia Narwetz.  They tweet about how many books they've been reading, and it's one of those things that makes me pause and think, you know?  Because I struggle to read 15 pages per day.  That takes up my mental energy.  They're both writers, but I don't get the impression they're good writers.  That's another thing:  If I could read that much, then there wouldn't be much stopping me from being a great writer.  

12:15 P.M.

I bought some boxer briefs on Amazon.  I have a bunch of uncomfortable boxer shorts and I'm just going to throw those all out.  Do you ever wind up with uncomfortable clothes that you don't like but you bought them in a pinch because you were short on clothes and now they're just part of your cycle?  I also have some low-cut socks that I hate, but I must've bought those in a pinch, too.  I fucking hate low-cut socks, and then I just find them in my laundry bag.  TruFit socks are pretty comfortable.

12:20 P.M.

I bought a book off Amazon for Justin.  He can't use the internet so he just calls me and asks me to buy him comic books and, like, text books.  He wants me to buy him a book on organic chemistry, and it's just like, does his brain process this stuff when he reads it?  He also wants me to buy him a Thor and Captain America epic collection.

Red Letter Media has an hour-long video on the Snyder cut of Justice League, so I'm watching that right now.

2:30 P.M.

Here was a thread made by Futuresend9 which included a quote from Dave Meltzer from last night's WOR.  It's a total nothing quote, but Futuresend9 still turned it into a thread, and so you got people making remarks about how Meltzer wasn't providing any news.  There are three reasons why you woudl make that thread.  1.) You wanted karma points. 2.) You legitimately thought it was notable news. 3.) You're a troll who wanted to get people to rag on Meltzer, so you flood the new queue with nothing quotes so people make $11.99 jokes.  

You could take 20 random quotes by Dave Meltzer from any given WOR, and some of them might spark interesting discussions threads.  But a lot of people are really bad at knowing which quotes to select.  That's why you kind of have to give props to trolls like MeltzerSaidWhat and BlurayWrestling, because they know what quotes to pick.

Futuresend9 is a weirdo, because he (she?) comes across like a borderline spammer.  The other day she was posting old clips of Thunder Rosa from last year in AEW.  She was doing this the day after Thunder Rosa's match against Britt Baker, but she thought, 'Hey, Thunder Rosa is popular right now. I'll post some short clips from random matches.'  And a couple of threads got deleted soon after they were created.  Incidentally, futuresend9 also deleted that Meltzer thread.

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