Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Day 45

4:50 A.M.

I had won four LearnedLeague games in a row, but yesterday I tied, 3(1) - 3(1).  I fucking blew it.  There were two questions I should've gotten.  And even missing those, I could've assigned the defense differently.  A tie is almost as bad as losing, especially since there are only four games left and I'm still three points behind the last promotion spot.  I need to stop reading the message board and focus more on the wording of the questions.  Don't focus on how other people are interpreting the questions (even though it's fun to be part of a forum).  I'm smart enough to get better at this on my own.

10:00 A.M.

Okay, let's take a look at some Wreddit posts because clearly I have nothing better to do in the middle of the night.  I submitted Mick Foley's article about why Lex Luger should be in the WWE Hall of Fame, and it got 223 upvotes.  That's nice, because I didn't even use a vote-bait title with a quote or anything like that. 

Here is a post titled "WOR: Meltzer on Charlotte and the Wrestlemania situation."  It includes some vague quotes from last night's Observer Radio.  Nothing revelatory, just Meltzer saying there was a situation and he didn't know the details.  One commenter wrote, "That’s the vaguest shit I’ve ever read," and it got 86 upvotes, but another commenter responded, "That’s because it’s 10 seconds of conversation from a radio show," and that got 155 upvotes.  And it's like, fucking finally, people are realizing that, by nature, these text posts with random quotes from WOR generally won't be news.  Another commenter then replied, "Reddit expecting earth shattering info from 10 second snippets of conversations posted for Karma because Dave’s name is attached. A tale as old as time," and that got 73 upvotes.  Another person replied to that first comment, saying, "Well yeh. OP took a less than a minute discussion in a one hour radio show and made it news," which again is a level of awareness you don't usually see.  You take a 60-minute radio show (or an 80-minute radio show) and post a 10-second excerpt, and it's always going to be weird.  That other comment got 27 upvotes.  

The soon-to-be top post (unless it's removed) is a tweet from Cezar Bononi asking for help getting his sister-in-law into the U.S. to do a bone marrow transplant.  You usually don't see that type of thing on Wreddit.  

6:50 P.M.

Here is a post titled, "Eric Bischoff responds to Dave Meltzer being a hypocrite on his board, after praising him on Twitter: "He is what he is.""  It was a tweet from Eric Bischoff responding to a tweet by MeltzerSaidWhat.  The top commenter wrote: "I personally think the dude running the “Meltzer says what” account is the worst person here, but that’s just me."

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