Saturday, March 27, 2021

Day 49

5:35 P.M.

I finished the Learned League season (my fifth) with a record of 11-6-8.  I got 57 out of 150 questions, which was the same number I got back in my second season.  Technically, I had my best defensive season, but that feels a little misleading, since a lot of times it was easy to figure out what the easiest questions were, and besides there were two games where I tied, 3(1) - 3(1), and really, how good can your defense be if that happens twice?   

5:55 P.M.

I weight 211.0 pounds right now, and I'm probably going to take a nap soon.

6:00 P.M.

The shouting black guy moved down the hall to a room in the corner.  That was Monday or Tuesday, and having him gone is like having a 5-to-10-pound weight lifted off your chest.  You don't realize how annoying it is until it stops.  While it's going on, you're just sitting there thinking, 'Guess this is how things are.'  I was in the hallway yesterday and he was still just shouting non-stop.  Like, not even taking a breath while he goes off.  I can't even tell what he's shouting about when he's going off.  He's clearly talking about his friends or girlfriend or something like that, but there's nothing solid you can latch onto.  It's kind of the same thing that happens if you ever fast-forward one of Dave Meltzer's podcasts, and try to figure out what he's talking about mid-stream.  He'll just ramble for three minutes before mentioning a name or a show or a match.  At least if you hear a couple arguing in another room, you can tell they're having an argument.  It's a dramatic scene.  A few weeks ago there was an angry white guy in the next room railing against the government, and, even though he sounded like a crazy person, I could make out sentences.  The shouting guy will go: "Listen!  Listen!  Listen!  Listen!...If--if--if--if."  He doesn't have a stuttering problem, but the only time I can remember any specific words if when he just shouts the same word four times in a row.

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