Monday, March 29, 2021

Day 51

I'm at about 211.0 pounds right now.  That's fine.  I might go to sleep soon and if so I'll lose another pound in my sleep, assuming I sleep for eight hours.  I'm not doing the timestamps anymore.  It's too much clutter.  Another thing I should stop doing is buying any drink that comes in a container that has to be recycled, because then I have to rinse it out and recycle it and it just winds up sitting around my room for a week straight, and pretty soon my room is overflowing with cans and bottles.  Poland Spring water is okay because you don't have to rinse that out.  You just empty it.  It comes pre-rinsed.  So from now on it's just water, because getting everything rinsed and into the recycling can is a hassle, especially since there's only one recycling can on the street and it fills up after a day or two.  I looked into it the other day and some asshole had thrown an empty cigarette pack into the recycling bin.  There's a fucking trash can right by the recycling bin, but this guy threw an empty cigarette pack into the bin which is clearly marked for plastic and aluminum.  Maybe it's for cigarette packs too, but I really doubt that.  There's another bin right next to the recycling bin for cardboard.  Great, now I need to double-check just to make sure that you shouldn't throw empty cigarette packs into the same bin as plastics and aluminum.  It doesn't sound right, but I'm anal enough that I'll double-check.  I was going to write something about the girl who made a tweet about Jenny Nicholson.  She was complaining about how Jenny sent...harassers....or her account.  @GreenlitGorls.  She tweeted: "😥😥😥 The fans Jenny sent to harass me keep deleting their tweets. Sorry hun, you can't undo your way out of your bad take."  Okay, so she says Jenny sent people to harass her.  But you have to keep in mind @GreenlitGorls is a Parademon.  Would you trust a Parademon if they started complaining about harassment?  No, of course not.  You would know it's a ruse.  Likewise, if a human-turned-Parademon starts complaining about harassment, you know it's a ruse.  She also tweeted: "For the “Jenny couldn’t hurt a fly” crowd swarming to my profile and mentions:  She literally sent you here to harass me. She has been pulling the strings this whole time.  She wants you to believe I have more power on this platform than her.  She is lying to you."  You read that and think, 'Oh man, maybe she has a point.'  But then you remember: 'Oh yeah, Parademon.'  Another thing I want to do is unplug my minifridge so it stop making a humming sound an random intervals throughout the day.  But there's a freezer-section with a bunch of encrusted snow, so if I do unplug the minifridge all of that will melt and I'll be forced to deal with a puddle.  The point of writing each day is to write each day; it doesn't have to be orderly or linear.  If I want to do something orderly or linear, I'll do that, but the purpose of doing this right now is just to write.  And maybe get some junk out of my mind that's clogging it up.  I'll probably work my way towards doing something orderly and linear in a few weeks, and start plugging those days in places where I think they can be plugged, but until then I'm just stuck typing and typing and just trying to get into the habit of typing even when the output isn't anything substantial.  But if I'm just typing each day into the void, then what's the point?  I don't mean typing into the void as in no one's listening, I mean typing into the void of meaninglessness.  If the goal is to write, say, four hours a day, and get better at it, then is this really the way to get better at it?  How do I actually get better at writing?  By standing here, typing?  This is a physical exercise more than a mental one.  The goal is to sharpen my mind.  You do that by reading books, not by writing.  So the goal should be to read books, right?  Then what's even the point of this blogging?  Well the point is to make a living by blogging.  That's the point.  That's the goal.  I'm not going to make a living with these run-on blog entries.  Should I just stand here typing, or should I only type something when I have an idea first and want to express it?  I've got to get rid of these fucking bottles first.  And then stop adding bottles.  The ceiling is making creaking sounds.  That's a big fucking problem.  That's the biggest problem in the world right now.  When the ceiling is making creaking sounds, it means you have to fucking move.  And in order to move, you have to get rid of your bottles.  Rinse them out.  Get pruned fingers.  Wait until the recycling bin is empty, and get rid of them.  Then pack up, and fucking move.  But it's dark right now, so you have to wait until it's light to go out and go to the recycling bin, because only a crazy person would go out in the middle of the night on a New York City sidewalk just to throw some recycling away.  I ordered two pairs of shorts off of Amazon.  I need clean shorts to be more mobile and not get sores on my thighs.  Clean clothes make you more mobile.  The Korean market sells packs of Hanes t-shirts, so I bought a pack of t-shirts a week or two ago, and I also ordered underwear from Amazon.  I had two pairs of slacks from Old Navy but they both got holes in the crotch at about the same time.  Or maybe one of them got a hole in the crotch and I threw the other one away by mistake.  One of those things happened.  The ceiling is creaking at 1:08 A.M. and if it doesn't stop by morning I'll have to figure out if there's something else I can do.  You can't stay in a place with a creaky ceiling.  It's incompatible with leading a productive life.  But you have to get into a state where you can move.  You have to get rid of the bottles, and get clean clothes, otherwise you can't move.  And you can't get rid of the bottles until it's morning.  Actually, fuck that.  I can probably get rid of the bottles right now.  That's what I'll have to do.  I can't wait four hours until morning.  I have to get rid of them now.  They say New York is the city that never sleeps but really that's a fucking lie because a lot of stores close during the night.  When I'm typing a draft, Blogger saves it automatically.  But if I publish a post and then start typing out an update, Blogger won't save it automatically.  A few times, my computer has done an update while I had an update written out but hadn't yet clicked the "Update" button, and I lost what I'd been typing.  That fucking sucks.  It's just a minor annoying thing, but I guess the point is to only write one blog post per day and only hit "Publish" and never put yourself in a position here you have to hit "Update" (unless there is an important update you hate to write).  The MeltzerSaidWhat guy was complaining about fake news.  This tweet:  He doesn't actually explain what the fake news is.  What happened is WrestleTalk made a post about one thing Dave Meltzer said in the Observer Newsletter about someone in WWE saying Edge looked old, so basically it was a case of one line being blown out of proportion.  But that's not fake news.  At least, MeltzerSaidWhat doesn't explain why it was fake news.  Unless he's implying that Meltzer was lying about what the source in WWE, but he doesn't go that far.  MeltzerSaidWhat is angry about the clickbait article.  That's it.  He doesn't like the clickbait.  I feel like reading the Substack guys is a waste of time.  I know what Glenn Greenwald is going to say in every article.  He's on the beat.  He's the watchdog that none of us want to be because being that watchdog turns you into a toad.  He's making the sacrifice.  He's turning himself into a toad so that the rest of us don't have to be toads.  Good for him.  But that doesn't mean I have to go ahead and read his articles.  Same with Michael Tracey and Matt Taibbi and everyone else.  But Michael Tracey did name-drop a guy named Michael Rid who wrote a book called Active Measures and I'm looking at that book on Amazon now.  These guys do namedrop various people, and sometimes you want to learn who the other people are and what they have to say.  So reading the Substack guys does serve a purpose; you're educated about....stuff....indirectly educated.  I think I'd be more interested in reading Thomas Rid's book than in reading the Substack guys.  The creaking is a little less frequent now, but Jesus fucking Christ it's still going.  There are very few people in this world who appreciate a roof that doesn't creak.  Most people don't give a fuck.  Most people are too braindead to notice when a ceiling is creaking, and it makes it Hell for the minority of us who do notice.  The masses of people are fucking assholes and fucking idiots who can't detect when noise is present.  And so you get a noisy world, and creaking roofs, and it's just accepted.  It's accepted that the world is full of noise.  But in a rational world, every person would be on the look-out for noise.  Architectures and plumbers and engineers would have noise ratings for every ceiling and every pipe and every material used in the construction of a building.  You would have detectors and diagnostic equipment to analyze what makes creaks and where it comes from and how to prevent it or stop it once it starts.  If I want to be a writer, then I have to be the type of writer who doesn't read Michael Tracey's Substack posts as part of my beat.  I don't mean any offense to him personally.  It's just that I don't want to get myself in that type of situation. I want to be the type of writer who has to read interesting Substack posts as part of his beat.  A lot of people on Twitter (don't ask me for specific names) like to say or imply that Glenn Greenwald is, like, a Russian stooge.  Either he's a stooge or he's spreading Russian-approved messages.  I don't think he is, but I do wonder why none of these guys ever just acknowledge, 'Yeah, I do come across like a Russian stooge.  What can I say?'  Eating a meal is a waste of time in that it takes even more time to lose weight after you eat a meal.  I could eat a meal from Checkers and be like, 'Well that's 16 more hours I'll need to get back to the weight I was at before.'  16 hours of progress wasted because you had one meal from Checkers.  So don't waste time.  That's simple, right?  You lose time by eating.  I had a blanket on the bed but I stuck it in the closet because I didn't know how clean it was.  I got a new towel from the front desk but I've had the same sheets for a little over a week now.  I've got all the cans and bottles rinsed out and sitting in my little Target tote bag.  I've seen a lot of people taking that same Target tote bag with them when they go for errands.  It's a handy tote bag.  As soon as I got the tote bag, I thought, 'Hey, this is handy.'  And Target gave it away for free!  I don't care who runs QAnon; stop plugging that show, HBO Max.  I'm at 208.0 pounds right now.  If I can just delay eating for a little while, I'll get below 208 pounds for the first time all year.  For the first time in, like three or four years.  But I'm just got to avoid eating for another four hours or so.  I'm not sure if I can do that.  I probably will eat breakfast.  But I want to get under 208 pounds.  And I've got to put on clothes, and I won't really be in the mood to take off my clothes just to weigh myself again.  208.0 pounds.  Let me put on my socks and underwear and weigh myself again in a few minutes.  Another think about the 5-minute interval I was doing is that it kind of prevented me from just writing non-stop, because I would always be mindful that I couldn't cram two or three completely disparate thoughts together in the spam of five minutes.  I had to space them out a little bit when doing the 5-minute intervals.  This is just one continuous interval, so I can switch gears and switch topics without even creating a new paragraph.  Holy shit, here's the big difference between Pluto TV and Tubi.  When you're watching a movie on demand on Pluto TV, the ad breaks are incorporated into the movie stream and into the runtime.  If you finish a block of commercials and rewind 15 seconds, you'll wind up right back in the middle of the commercial that you just watched.  If you rewind another 15 seconds, you'll be in the middle of the commercial right before that.  Tubi inserts commercial blocks the same way that YouTube does; the commercial breaks are separate from the runtime of the movie, and if you finish a commercial block and rewind 30 seconds, you'll be at a spot in the movie 30 seconds earlier, and you can continue watching the movie without having to sit through that same 2-minute commercial block again.  So I'll be watching movies on Tubi because I'm anal enough to rewind 30 seconds and watch a scene again just to be able to watch a scene that's uninterrupted by commercials.  No more cans or bottles, except for Poland Spring.  There is a pizza shop nearby which offers a can of soda with two slices of pizza for $5, and I have gotten that a lot, so that may be the exception.  But I'm not going to go to a bodega or go to the gas station and just buy a bottle or a can on its own.  Not even Gatorade.  I would buy Gatorade sometimes if I needed to hydrate.  The Gatorade bottle itself would then become my water bottle for a while, but I'm not getting water from the sink anymore, so there's no real point in having an empty Gatorade bottle lying around.  With my socks and underwear on, I weight 208.8 pounds.  With my t-shirt on and no shorts, I weigh 209.0 pounds.  I'm on page 103 of my first book right now.  I've got to stop wasting time.  That's how I'm viewing it today.  Stop wasting time.  Stop wasting time.  It's okay to avoid action (because I'm a procrastinator by nature) but don't waste time eating or looking at stuff on the internet that you know is a waste of time.  And maybe simplify some shit.  Don't buy any more bottles or cans that you'll have to rinse out and recycle, because it just adds to the clutter of your room.  It's okay to check Wreddit, but don't waste time doing it.  It's okay to check Jenny Nicholson's Twitter account, but don't waste time doing it.  How do you know if you're wasting time or not?  It's about efficiency. You'll know if you're wasting time when it's happening.  If you wake up in the morning and check Wreddit, that's not wasting time, because you're not checking it over and over again in the middle of the night when there aren't any new posts.  You're not refreshing the same thread over and over again just to read the two new comments that were added in the past four minutes.  I'll be curious to see what the next #1 post is, but I want to be efficient with how I do that.  Check again in two hours.  Don't go checking it every 15 minutes.  It really annoys me that searching for "The Interview" on the Amazon Fire TV Stick doesn't bring up that movie with the Red Skull guy, Hugo Weaving.  That's a great little film, but if you search for "The Interview" you'll just get that bad Seth Rogan / James Franco movie (it was called "The Interview," right?).  So let's see if I want to go two hours without checking Wreddit, that means I'll check it again at 10:00 A.M.  This is the same fucking system I had before practically, but the point now is efficiency rather than self-control.  You don't need to work on self-control if you're just thinking about efficiency.  Is this efficient, or not?  If it's not, you don't do it.  You can be efficiently lazy, of course.  Don't do anything, lie in a  hammock.  Efficient laziness.  The whole reason I don't want to consume caffeine or drink Coke Zero is that I don't want to rinse the fucking bottles. That's my main motivation right now.  Don't waste time.  Don't waste time.  Don't waste time.  Be lazy.  Spend a day doing nothing, but don't spend a day wasting time.  My favorite part of Margin Call is when Jeremy Irons yells into the phone:  "You're costing me my margins!"  I keep listening to this Shakira song over and over again.  It's not an English-language song.  I'm just listening to it over and over again.  I'll give you $20 if you can guess what song it is.  You're not going to guess what song it is.  It's 9:00 A.M.  Should I eat breakfast?  I don't know.  I slept about three hours between 4:00 A.M. and 7:00 A.M. and I don't know if I'm going to fall asleep again any time soon.  I'd probably just get an omelet from the grill.  But wait, if I don't eat breakfast, I may get under 208.0 pounds.  10:30 A.M. and I haven't eaten yet, but I am getting tired and I've checked Wreddit several times.  The ceiling and walls are still creaking, so it's like being in a fucking war zone right now.  It's a fucking war dealing with noise every day, and you've got to get mobile and be able to move when the situation goes south like this.  That's why you've got to lose weight and get rid of all your empty plastic bottles and aluminum cans.  It's a fucking war zone, and you have to be mobile to survive this constant deluge of shit.  It's too cold to go outside and go to the park or anything like that.  You're still coming down off the caffeine you consumed.  You're trying to lose weight and any moment you might break and buy a whole bunch of food.  It's just a constant war zone, dealing with noise.  You need fresh clothes before you can go outside, and you're waiting for Amazon to deliver it.  You can take your clothes to the laundry, but that requires the physical process of putting all your clothes into a laundry bag, and while you're doing that, your body is susceptible to the noise coming from the walls and ceiling.  You have to keep your body constantly tense in order to fend off that noise, and if you're bending down to put your clothes into the laundry bag, your body is open and susceptible to that noise, and it becomes 10x worse.  You can't deal with that.  So you just pace back and forth, keeping your body tense to fend off the fucking noise.  When you're waiting for a page to load on the internet, your body is susceptible to noise.  It has to fucking stop at some point.  Slow internet is painful to endure.  It's fucking painful, and people don't really acknowledge that.  It's 11:20 A.M. right now and I ate part of an orange, which is a stupid thing to do because it breaks up your fast, and also the juice from the orange gets all over the sink and then you have to clean it up and find a trash bag to throw the rind and pulp into.  Don't buy oranges, kids, it's just not worth it.  I'm nearly through the gallon of water that I bought yesterday evening.  I'm down to 207.2 pounds right now, it's 2:45 P.M.  So, there, I did it.  I got under 208 pounds.  This is definitely the lightest I've been since starting this blog.  Definitely the lightest I've been since the start of 2019.  Probably 2018.  The next goal is to get under 205 pounds.  Of course, I've got to maintain my current weight before doing that.  Don't eat too much today.  Don't "reward" yourself for reaching a new low.  Wait a little bit longer, then have a meal.  207.2 pounds.  WrestleTownAA is an AEW stan.  He posted the card for tonight's AEW Dark: Elevation here:
One thing that bores me is inserting hyperlinks into text.  It's boring and annoying to do that.  I like to simply copy-and-paste the entire URL, even if it's uglier to do that.
Someone posted a video of Maria Kanellis saying there wouldn't be another Evolution pay-per-view, and people are saying she's a liar (without using that exact term):
I'm all in favor of people on the internet calling a woman a liar--or, more accurately, saying what she says is bullshit and questioning her side of events.  But this is one of those weird cases where all of a sudden people get real testy about the truth.  Anyone can say anything at any time and people will be like, 'Oh, if a wrestler said something, we should upvote it.'  But then the commenters will just turn very quickly on a wrestler they don't like.  I'm not even sure what things Maria Kanellis has said in the past that they're dubious of.  Hey, if I'm at 207.2 pounds right now, then couldn't I get under 207 pounds by the end of the day?  I probably shouldn't push it.  I'd have to go another four hours without eating, plus I went through my gallon of water and I'm going to buy another gallon of water in a little bit.  I'm a little dehydrated right now, I can tell.  Glenn Greenwald is like the epitome of what GamerGate wanted to be.  He's calling out the establishment liberal media, and just being an unrepentant toad about it, but he's not crossing that line into outright harassment.  But everyone want to accuse him of causing harassment.  His name is trending on Twitter and the trending blurb says:  "Journalist Glenn Greenwald receives blowback for his criticism of a USA Today intern’s article about January 6 rioters crowdfunding donations for their legal fees."  The first result on the trending tab is a tweet from Carlos Maza / @Gaywonk.  Here was another post by WrestleTalkAA about tonight's AEW Dark: Elevation card, which he deleted for some reason.
He's done that at least twice.  He posts the card for AEW Dark: Elevation, then he deletes the thread and posts an "updated" version a few minutes later.  JakeJeremy hasn't posted anything in SquaredCircle for a while.  That trnzone guy hasn't posted in a couple days, either.  A random observation is that I think the vitriol aimed towards Meltzer is worse when people are also posting Jim Cornette tweets and Jim Cornette videos.  I figured Cornette would act as a lightning rod, much like Pierce Hawthorne did in Community.  But it seems to work the opposite way.  When Cornette attracts a lot of lightning, you suddenly have people making comments and posts along the lines of, 'Well if you all think Jim Cornette is so bad and should be banned, then we ought to ban Dave Meltzer as well!'  It's like people are reminded that it's okay to bash on a wrestling pundit, or it's like Jim Cornette's fans want to redirect the vitriol to someone else.  Maybe a combination of both, because I imagine a lot of people dislike both Jim Cornette and Dave Meltzer, so it's not a case's the's not like Jim's fans are trying to get someone else in hot water, although there have definitely been cases where the people bashing Meltzer are fans of Jim Cornette.  I think Minnale101 was an example of a Jim Cornette fan who would also make anti-Meltzer threads.  Minnale101 hasn't posted in SquaredCircle in a week, so that's two usernames I'll have to check at some point later on.  It's 3:25 P.M. right now.  I'll get another gallon of water and maybe a snack.  Well I got a bag of trial mix, and it's 4:03 P.M. right now.  I'll probably get something from the Halal cart in a bit, but it's only been 40 minutes, and I had a snack, and I'm still hungry.  So what good did the snack do?  It didn't mitigate my hunger in any way.  It's not causing a delay before dinner.  I'm just as hungry now as I was before I ate it.  And it was 300 calories.  I need to take a nap or listen to music or something to distract my mind.  I know, I'll put on an HBO Max documentary.  The different between an HBO documentary and an HBO Max documentary is that an HBO Max documentary is something you watch on the HBO Max app.  I'm at 208.0 pounds right now, so that didn't last very long.  Water and trail mix, and you've already gained almost a pound.  And now I'm going to go eat dinner like a sucker.  I'm not eating a lot but it still feels like I'm eating a lot, because every day I think, 'Hey, I could go all day without eating and lose a pound.'  If you just fast for a day, you'll lose a pound.  Or two.  And then I don't fast.  I wind up eating meals.  I took a piss, and I'm down to 207.8 pounds.  If I get dinner from the Halal cart and then eat nothing else today, I should be back down to 207.8 pounds by the morning, right?  Maybe I'll get a pack of Peanut Butter Cups for the hell of it.  Yeah, yeah, I know I shouldn't, but I also know that if I get dinner now, I'll be hungry again around 10:00 P.M. or 11:00 P.M.  Maybe not super hungry, but hungry enough to the point where I'll be tempted to schlep out to the 24-hour bodega across the road.  But if I get dinner from the Halal cart and a little bit of junk food, that should keep me satisfied through the night.  207.8 pounds. It's about 4:45 P.M. right now.  I think the creaking is a little less frequent now.  It has to be, because I'm not going as crazy now as I was before.  I really only had about half of that orange.  All the bottles and cans are gone.  I've read a few pages of my book, but not a lot of pages.  Well, if you don't sleep much, then you won't be able to read much the next day.  No, the ceiling is still creaking.  I just wasn't trying to read for a while, and when you're not trying to read you don't notice the annoying noises as much.  If you're just watching YouTube or surfing the internet, you drown that stuff out a bit.  The world would be a much smarter place if people acknowledged how much noise fucks with your brain.  But most people don't acknowledge that.  Most people are content to be stupid.  It's 5:20 P.M. so I did go an extra hour without eating again.  WrestleTownAA also made a post titled:  "Bryan Alvarez pointing out some really legit plot holes in Universal Title three-way feud, on WOL."  When you make that post, all the WWE stans and anti-Meltzer stans are going to swarm into the comments.  So if you really want to end the stan narratives, you have to avoid posting those videos.   
It's counter-productive; at least I think it's counterproductive, because anyone who goes into the comments and says anything that's in agreement with Bryan is going to get downvoted, and downvotes have a psychological effect, even though you know they aren't real.  They're not real, but people still care about their social status, so having an opinion downvoted does have a real effect in the real world.  5:33 P.M.  I made it another 13 minutes.  It's easy to go 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but it's harder to look at the clock now and think, 'I wonder if I can go until 6:00 P.M.?"  It's easy to go 5 minutes or 10 minutes, but going 24 minutes is more daunting.  So don't look at the clock.  5:38 P.M.  I just went another five minutes.  I took the Bathroom Reader and tore it in half.  It was just too goddamn big and heavy and there was no comfortable way to read it.  I couldn't sit down and read it.  I couldn't read it in bed.  I couldn't read it while lying on my stomach.  I couldn't stand up and hold it in my hands and read it.  So I just tore it in half instead.  And it didn't tear apart or anything, so now I've got two halves.  5:59 P.M. right now, so I did make it an extra two hours.  I've got a white noise waterfall blaring from the TV.  It might be annoying to someone in the next room, but fuck it, I've go to do something to drown out the creaks from the ceiling.  This isn't a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.  The cables in the elevator shaft make a creating sound every now and then, and I actually don't mind the creaking sound.  It doesn't happen very often; if it happened every 15 seconds, it would probably drive me crazy; but just the occasional creaking of the cables doesn't bother me.  It's the other sounds--the creaking of the pipes or whatever in the walls that drives me crazy.  6:07 P.M.  I think I'll get dinner now.  I just ate dinner.  I weigh 209.0 pounds.  It's 6:44 P.M.  209.0 pounds.  So I should weigh less by the morning, assuming I don't eat anything between now and, say, 6:00 A.M.  I do have that big gallon of water, of course, but you tend to piss water pretty quickly after drinking a lot of it.  209.0.  PresidentBuff is another person who commented about Jim Cornette and brought up banning Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez.  He also mentioned banning Vince Russo and Chris Jericho.  His last comment in SquaredCircle was seven days ago and he wrote: "for those worried about the Dan Avidan accusations, they have been way overblown by twitter, considering the fact that there is no evidence of grooming, since no sexual talk took place until after she was 18, and he is not a pedo because none of that stuff happened until she was 22. Its also worth noting that these accusations came from a user who posted exclusively on r/rantgrumps, a Gamegrumps hate subreddit, so I would take anything they say with a grain of salt."  I don't know who Dan Avidan is.  That comment of his was removed and a moderator then commented: "Attempting to derail, hijack, or spam a thread is prohibited. If you want to talk about something other than the subject of the original submission, create a new post or find a relevant thread. Excessive thread derailing is subject to a ban. - Rule 4."  Minnale made a random comment in /r/TheLastAirbender: "Having been a member myself the moderation was so toxic to the point where members were pushed away it’s sad to see."  People like to complain about toxic subreddits or toxic commenters or toxic moderation.  Strike_Gently made a thread titled, "Maria Kanellis chose to be eliminated first in the Mania women’s battle royal: “I wanted Candice (LeRae) to not be first. I didn’t care how far I went but for Candice it was her first Wrestlemania and I wanted for her to at least be able to look around. She deserved better. Candice is amazing!!”"  
The commenters in that thread aren't as distrustful of Maria as the commenters in the other thread.  I like when WWE gets really stupid.  They have a choo-choo sound when Braun Strowman charges at someone outside the ring.  I love it.  They should come up with more stupid stuff like that.  Bryan Alvarez in particular hates the Randy Orton/Alexa Bliss/Fiend angle, but Alexa had one match vs. Asuka and midway through the match she materialized a rocking horse in the middle of the ring and started rocking back-and-froth on it.  That was great!

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