Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Day 52

I'm at 207.8 pounds right now.  Do I go the full day without eating, to get under 207 pounds?  I was thinking about getting breakfast, and, maybe if I'd been heaver I would've actually gotten breakfast right away, but I like the idea of getting back to 207.2 pounds like I was yesterday, and if I go the day without eating then I should get back down to that mark.  It's actually 207.6 right now.  So...how long does it take to lose 0.8 pounds?  It takes about eight hours.  That would be 4:00 P.M.  I'm at 207.2 pounds right now and it's 11:10 A.M.  So I've gone three hours without eating.  I also got a couple extra hours of sleep, or maybe it was just one hour.  I think it was closer to two hours but sometimes I over-guess how long I'd been asleep, and then I under-guess instead.  Sometimes I'll listen to JDFromNY and he'll criticize Raw for not having any logic, and that's when I turn JDFromNY off.  The shows always have logic.  When you criticize a show for not having logic, you're really just trying to criticize it for some other reason but you can't express it.  Also, it's fucking wrestling, so even the parts that don't have "logic" are, in a way, above criticism, because it's pro wrestling, and you know pro wrestling is more theater than an actual sport.  I weigh 207.8 pounds right now, which is the same I weight this morning, and I haven't eaten anything all day.  No, the scale was just acting wonky.  I weigh 207.0 pounds.  It's 1:52 P.M.  I can lie in be a little longer.  Hey I just realized some news organization are live-streaming the Derek Chauvin trial on YouTube.  Fuck yes.  That's a perfect thing to watch.  I would never ever want to watch the news recaps at the end of the day, like on cable news.  But watching the live trial is a whole other thing.  There was a headline from NPR.org which read: "Trial Day 1: 'Mr. Derek Chauvin Betrayed This Badge,'" and that's a pretty slanted headline.  I'm at 207.0 pounds right now.  It's 2:36 P.M.  I'm still at 207.0 pounds.  What should I eat for my next meal?  I don't feel like getting the Halal food again.  I need to get another gallon of water.  Should I have a snack before eating a meal?  I like how the witness is describing the events even though the entire thing was caught on videotape.  Alright, I took a piss, and I'm at 206.4 pounds.  It's 3:03 P.M.  Well I made it to 4:01 P.M. without eating.  Now I can get a meal and think about it being my only meal of the day, although I'll probably get something from the gas station later on.  It's 5:06 P.M. and I still haven't eaten yet.  

Guy getting mad at Meltzer:

Bad title for a good clip.  Got downvoted:
MeltzerSaidWhat getting mad about "fake news."  I think I wrote about this already:

I'm at 209.2 pounds.  I had one meal today.  

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