Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Day 53

I'm on page 111 of the book.  The Bathroom Reader is too chaotic.  I like it, but it messes up my mind a little bit because of the situation I'm in.  I can't just go reading a 500-page book of trivia and expect it to sync in with what I need.  It's 7:26 A.M.

I'm reading the 11 Billion Dollar Year.  There's a chapter now on Comic-Con.  Some of the writing is just really off.  

Read a paragraph.  Stop.  Pace.  Read a paragraph.  Stop.  Pace.  

7:44 A.M. -- Page 112
7:57 A.M. -- Page 113

"But generations of Peter Pans never relinquished their youthful devotion to X-Men and Star Trek.  And George Lucas made it easy for fans to feed their appetite for all things Star Wars after he launched the franchise in 1977."  Well, shit, I bet it was hard for fans to feed their appetite for all things Star Wars before the movie launched.  Up until 1976, people were just like, "I need Star Wars content.  Where can I find it?"  And thankfully George Lucas came along and met that demand.  Up until 1977 it was really hard going for Star Wars fans.  

9:00 A.M. -- Page 114

I currently weigh 208.8 pounds.

There's definitely a physical toll that reading takes on the brain.  If I rest for a while, it becomes easier.  I subvocalize.  I subvocalize every word, which means I have to mentally imagine making every sound of every word, unless I get into a groove, in which case I can sometimes skip the subvocalizing.  But it's like doing a bunch of simple math equations in your head over and over again.  It takes energy.  I'm also reading some essays by George Orwell, and, not surprisingly his writing style is a bit easier to read.  

Sometimes I watch a few minutes of SomeBitchIKnow's videos.  In one video she was reacting to Joe Biden's recent podium speech.  She had this incredulous look on her face, and it got me thinking, "Does she know more about politics than I do?"  The answer is undoubtedly yes, because she's obsessed with internet sleuthing.  NGO's, Covid, Black Lives Matter, that sort of thing.  And there was one video where she was playfully reading the U.S. Constitution at the start.  I know I'm smarter than her, but right now she's more well-read, which is kind of fucking crazy.  Because if you actually listen to her, she comes across like a crazy person a lot of the time.  An intelligent person, but also crazy.  

I've read two pages of Orwell in the times it would probably take me to read one page of the Hollywood book.  

11:12 A.M. -- Page 115
1:23 P.M. -- Page 117

Every trial should be livestreamed.  That's my opinion.

3:10 P.M. -- Page 118

I had to buy a pair of "Big Bass" headphones.  I need the bass to drown out the noise from the ceiling.  So now I can read while playing the Rainy Mood app and it drowns out any noise from the ceiling.  The noise isn't too terrible, but I really can't read when the creaking is happening every 5-to-10 seconds.  How the fuck does it take me two hours to read one page?  Well, I'm tired right now.  That's the problem.  

3:48 P.M. -- Page 119
4:46 P.M. -- Page 121

I'm 208.0 pounds right now.  I want to get under 208.  
I haven't eaten since before noon.  I'm at 208.2 pounds right now.  Went up 0.2 pounds.  Fuck it, maybe I'll go get dinner anyway.  I took a couple sips of water and am back down to 208.0.  The scale clearly has a margin of error.  Alright, I'm at 207.2 pounds right now.  Should I get dinner?  I could skip dinner, but then what if I'm much hungrier in the morning?  207.2.  What can I get for dinner that won't be too calorie-heavy?  There aren't really a lot of great options.  I could go to the bodega.  Yeah, maybe I'll go to the bodega and get something.  I don't know how many calories the food from the Halal cart has.  Well, 207.6 pounds now.  I've got to stop fucking weighing myself every five minutes.

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