Thursday, April 1, 2021

Day 54

I'm 208.2 pounds right now.  I want to be under 208.  
I'm on page 121 of the book right now.  I only read 10 pages yesterday.  How did I wind up reading so little?  Well, I got tired mid-way through the day, for one thing.  I'm sleeping about six hours per day, which isn't a ton, but it should be enough to have energy through the day.  So let's focus.

It's 6:19 A.M.

6:19 A.M. -- Page 121

I'm listening to WOR right now. The show is 90 minutes long.  I can listen to it, but I should try to listen to it interstitially with reading.  Or maybe I should be reading interstitially with listening to WOR.  

6:40 A.M. -- Page 122
7:25 A.M. -- Page 123
8:07 A.M. -- Page 124

I think I'll go get breakfast now.  

8:34 A.M. -- Page 125
Okay, now I'll go get breakfast. 

9:39 A.M. -- Page 126
10:25 A.M. -- Page 127
11:39 A.M. -- Page 128
12:22 P.M. -- Page 129
3:06 P.M. -- Page 130
4:49 P.M. -- Page 131
6:02 P.M. -- Page 132

Obviously I read at a faster pace right after waking up.  I've read 11 pages so far today, which is one more page than yesterday.  

7:05 P.M. -- Page 133

My khakis have a hole in them, but they were good khakis.  Old Navy, Ultimate Athletic Built-in Flex.

What if all forms of reading use the same muscle?  As in...reading requires a muscle.  Obviously.  Am I using the same muscle when I read a book as when I'm reading tweets or reading message board posts?  You would think it would have to be the same muscle.  At the very least, there would be an overlap in the muscles you use.  Like, if I want to jog two miles, that requires using the muscles in my legs.  So would there be an equivalent physical activity you would do which is similar to running but which would tire out those muscles?  I suppose walking.  But is there an activity which would have a certain relationship to running in the same way that reading on the internet is related to reading a book?  Is there something you do that would tire out your legs?  I don't think walking really tires you out.  It would have to be something which has the same motion as running but which isn't running.  It would have to be a physical activity which isn't actually a physical activity.  Like, standing in a line.  

I'm gonna have to go back to the old strategy of not checking the internet and see if that helps.  Don't read anything off the internet that you don't have to read or which isn't personally relevant to you.  
So far so good.
It might take a while to take effect.
It might take a long while to take effect, but I've got to convince myself that any deviation will set the timer back down to zero.  Any deviation whatsoever.  Just tell yourself that.
It's 9:00 P.M. right now.  Don't make any deviation.  Be patient.  Let the muscle regenerate(?).  Don't strain the muscle.  You baseline is 10-12 pages per day.
9:08 P.M.  Let's count outward from 9:00 P.M., just to make it easier to measure.
Haven't checked the internet at all.  Not even anything personal.
9 minutes.
17 minutes.  Is my brain recovered yet?  I'm too tired to read at the moment.  I might be too tired to read for the rest of the night.
29 minutes.

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