Friday, April 2, 2021

Day 55

Okay, 9 hours and 43 minutes without reading anything on the internet so far.
So let's start the day and see what happens if you don't check Twitter or Reddit (or message boards) all day.  Let's see if there's any immediate change.  Actually my mind is still of kind of groggy, since I just woke up.  I'll listen to some music first.
I've got some pairs of underwear with holes in them that I'm throwing away, but they're more comfortable than the typical Hanes underwear that I seem to have six pairs of.  Penguin underwear, and then this random brand, which might be Asics/ASX, but the lettering is so worn that I can't read it anymore.  Anyway, I threw those out, so now there's just a little less stuff lying around the room.

Let's start the clock.
7:13 A.M. -- Page 133
7:30 A.M. -- Page 134

Alright, I'm going to check Wreddit one time right now.
Well I just wasted 10 minutes on Wreddit and reading the latest Observer issue.  7:50 A.M. to 8:00 A.M.
That didn't last long.  Okay, back to reading.  
It was a short spurt, but I actually read at a faster clip right after checking Wreddit and the Observer.  Maybe the problem is music.  Have I been listening to a lot of music?  It would be easier to not listen to music, because I don't really care about music.  But the first thing I did this morning after waking up was listen to music.  And then I was reading at a really choppy pace.  That might be an easier experiment:  Don't listen to music for the rest of the day.  It's 8:08 A.M. right now.

8:14 A.M. -- Page 135

I switched rooms today, so that interrupted my progress in the middle of the day.  Anyway...
4:21 P.M. -- Page 140

There was this guy, PresidentBuff, who posted about Kip Sabian "wishing death" on Jim Cornette, and I think the OP just went a little haywire over seeing all the negative sentiment aimed towards Cornette.  I mean the negative sentiment from the people on Wreddit, not from, like Kip Sabian:
PresidentBuff hadn't posted on Wreddit for a while but he made a comment a few hours ago.  Most of the people I notice who haven't posted in a while will wind up posting again after a while.  So maybe people just go through different spurts.  (I guess people might get suspended for short periods of time as well; that's always a possibility.  There was one guy I quoted a few days ago who I suspected might have been suspended, since a mod actually replied to him with a pasting of one of the rules.)

So the roof isn't creaking, but there is construction across the street.  I don't mind most of the construction noise.  Yeah, the hammering is always annoying, but it's muted enough that I can put up with it, and I can probably even read if the hammering has a normal rhythm to it.  But today they had a couple machines that were making a loud, piercing beeping noise every 10 seconds or so.  Sometimes it would stop for five minutes or so, and then pick up again.  I'm writing this at 4:33 P.M., and it was definitely going on for, like three or four hours.  Construction is allowed in New York City from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on the weekdays.  You can bet your ass I looked that up after the first few hours, just to get a sense for how long the beeping might last.  It was coming from inside the half-constructed building, too.  It wasn't out on the sidewalk.  I walked by, and I could see a sort of scissor lift going up and down, and that might have caused the beeping.

7:16 P.M. -- Page 143

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