Saturday, April 3, 2021

Day 56

 6:48 P.M. -- Page 158

I got about seven hours of sleep last night and took another nap in the afternoon.  I think I sleep better in a room off in the corner than a room in the middle of the hallway.  The room is smaller, plus there's no traffic on this side of the building.  I don't know if one of those factors makes the difference.  If I turn on the bathroom fan and the radiator fan, the noise is much closer to the bed in this type of room.  I've made a few posts in SCJerk, just for a lark.  In the Observer, Dave Meltzer said Jake Paul would be deputing on SmackDown instead of Logan Paul, so I made a post titled "61-year-old Dave Meltzer doesn't know the difference between Logan Paul and Jake Paul."  That sentiment is 100% true.  But it's not the sort of thing where people are going to be like, "Ah, look how bad this journalist is!"  It's like when a botch gets shown on Botchamania vs. when a botch gets shown in SCJerk.  You're not going to watch Botchamania and think, "Look how bad these wrestlers are!"  Or rather, that's not the message being sent by Botchamania, because the guy behind Botchamania is obviously a fan.  So, if you make fun of Meltzer, but you're a fan of his, or you're not actively trying to be a troll, then it's going to have a different impact.

This new Space Jam remake looks like shit.  Am I the target audience?  I was 12-year-old when the original came out, so I feel like people my age would be the target audience in a way.

8:34 P.M.-- Page 161

There's a toddler in the room above, and they're just pounding on the walls and floor.  I'm reading right now and taking breaks by watching The Big Bang Theory on TBS.  It's a perfectly good show to watch.  For some reason, people on Reddit hate on the show to watch; one of the meme-like complaints is that it's nerd blackface.  But it doesn't seem that way.  I had a pastrami hero and a little cupcake and a Coke Zero around noon.  It's almost 10:00 P.M. right now.  So...I don't know if that one meal is enough to gain weight for the day.  I remember several days ago I went to the bodega across the road and got a sub and also bought a 50-cent bag of chips.  And buying that bag of chips wasn't necessary.  It was 190 (or so) extra calories and the chips weren't even good.  I went to the floor above and the people in the rooms in the corner are definitely making a lot of random clipping and banging sounds.  Sporadically, but constantly.  

There's a post on /r/Drama titled, "So apparently, despite Pepe Le Pew being removed from the new Space Jam, Warner Bros. thought it would be appropriate to have cameos for the characters from A Clockwork Orange, all of which are literal violent rapists that even joke about it. What the fuck are they thinking??"  That's a fair point, I guess.  It's the type of laundry-list grievance posting style you see on the internet all day.  People annoyed with a cultural thing bring up another cultural thing and say, 'What's the deal with this, eh?'  It's just non-stop reacting.  An article on NPR was titled, "Filmmakers Call Out PBS For A Lack Of Diversity, Over-Reliance On Ken Burns."  Are people sick of Ken Burns or something?  Who the fuck are the they in these scenarios that I'm imaging in my head?  The "they" who wouldn't want Pepe Le Pew in the new Space Jam movie or, perhaps more likely, chose not to have Pepe Le Pew in the new movie over concerns that another "they" would be upset over it?

10:32 P.M. -- Page 165
11:12 P.M. -- Page 166

A KotakuInAction post was titled, "Nickelodeon and Paramount Plus have banned a Spongebob episode."  What would people complain about if you just didn't censor stuff?  Here was a post on Tim Pool titled, "Banned for diversity."  I don't know how most commenters on /r/TimPool feel about diversity, but it is funny to imagine taking the post at 100% face value.  It was about a Gina Carano post getting flagged for including "potentially sensitive content."  Why was it flagged, anyway?  (Was it really flagged?)  Now I can close those tabs.  I really don't have that many tabs open right now.  

This was the first time in a while I've actually felt tired as a result of reading.  Usually I read during the day but it's not very much, and mostly I feel tired just as a result of constant frustration.

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