Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Day 59

The beeping from the scissor lift stops around 4:00 P.M., and the construction men are gone by 4:40 P.M.  And then reading becomes a lot easier after that.  I'm in the corner, and I share a wall with one other room, so that could be bad depending on what the person in the next room is doing.  I've been in this room since Friday and it seems like each person has stayed there for just one or two nights.  There was a Hispanic couple in the room last night, and I think they had on the TV during the night, but I can drown it out with the bathroom fan.  The wall is kind of thing, but it's kind of like 'pick your poison.'  You can take a room in the corner and share it with one person, or you can have a room in the middle and share walls with two different people.  

Every time I check comments on the internet, I'm reminded that people interpret things differently than I do.  Something in the comments on that /r/Movies post about Netflix.  Something about the OP of a Wreddit post on AEW and Tony Khan earlier today.  I make mental notes about those things, and that makes me obligated to write about then hours later.  It would probably be better not to have to make those mental notes.

9:06 P.M. -- Page 201  

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